Super Talent Reveals Storage POD Mini USB 3.0 SSD

Is there ever a time when a new SSD isn't exciting? Doubtful. As the world of solid state flash continues to whirl, Super Talent is introducing yet another option into the mix, the ultra-portable Storage POD Mini. It's a portable USB 3.0 SSD wrapped in a blue anodized, all-aluminum enclosure enables this drive to be both lightweight and rugged yet measure a mere 110 x 68 x 10 mm. Its top speed reaches over 260MB/s, but where this design really shines is in the real world performance. Its on-board processor is able to dramatically accelerate real world performance by compressing your data, in real-time, as it writes and decompressing data as it reads. Your data now uses less space and transfers more efficiently than ever. Backing up your system now takes a fraction of the time it would take on rotating media.

Fully backward compatible to USB 2.0, the Storage POD Mini is also packed with many new features. This drive has a One-Touch Backup button that launches a backup routine that can support numerous machines. Just push the backup button and it will begin to back up all your pre-determined data areas at writes speeds of up to 174MB/s. And the Storage POD Mini also has a Read/Write switch to protect your data from unintentional writes, similar to an SD card.

Available in 60GB, 120GB and 240GB capacities, the Storage POD Mini is now shipping, but there's no public mention of price.
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AKnudson 2 years ago

I am really excited about this. For years it has taken way too long to do anything larger than a gig, but wit this 5 seconds and a gig is gone. no matter what the price this little guy is going to be worth it!

AKnudson 2 years ago

I just thought of something! no more loading video games from computer to computer with good old sata external hard drives, this thing will take them rape it up with a bow and spit it out as fast as you ask it too.

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