Sony's Walkman NWZ-W252 Climbs On Your Head And Hangs With Sweat

With the glut of portable audio and media players out these days, it really takes a special product to catch our attention. Something unique, something a little off-the-wall, and something that actually differentiates itself from all those other mundane MP3 players. Sony has somehow managed to do that with their latest Walkman, which is tailor made for fitness junkies or those who'd rather use a self-contained unit than deal with messy earbud cabling.

The new W250 Series Walkman is designed to worn on the head, and due to its water resistant abilities, sweating it out won't be a problem. It also features quick charge and simple transfers, both of which should keep runners on the track longer and on the sidelines by the PC less. The NWZ-W252 has a convenient lightweight, wearable and water resistant design, up to 2GB of internal storage and the ability to regain enough battery life to go for 90 minutes with only a three minute charge.

Best of all, it will sell for just $60 when it ships later this month, just in time for those long beach runs that you've been planning.

Sony Announces New Wearable, Water Resistant W250 Series Walkman® MP3 Player

WHO: Ideal for fitness and exercise enthusiasts, the new Sony Walkman W Series, model NWZ-W252, features a convenient lightweight, wearable and water resistant design.

WHAT: The new Sony Walkman W Series is designed to improve it's users audio experience during workouts and other forms of exercise. It features a lightweight, water-resistant frame that ensures proper functionality during extended periods of activity inside or outside -- even if used in the rain.

Additionally, the Walkman W series comes with Content Transfer software that allows users to move music files and playlists straight from a PC or iTunes"! library (not including DRM files). With 2 GB of maximum capacity, the new Walkman W Series can hold approximately 470 songs (4 minute length at 128 kbps).

For those on-the-go or users who have simply forgotten to charge their MP3 player before a workout, the new Walkman NWZ-W252 offers a quick charge function. With only three minutes of charge time, the player will receive enough power for up to 90 minutes of use. Full battery life is approximately 11 hours.

WHERE: The Sony W Series Walkman, model NWZ-W252, will be available this month for about $60, Sony Style retail stores and other authorized retailers nationwide.
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Inspector 4 years ago

"...just in time for those long beach runs that you've been planning."

Just make sure they don't fall off while your running :P lol

I don't use walkmans so i got to pass :D. When i first loaded this page i thought it was a ear bud lol. I would say the 2GB song would last me a bit before i have to delete and add no ones :)

animatortom 4 years ago

That is a decent price!

I do remember something similar that Sony did back in the 80's. Although it had two AAA batteries to weigh it down. They were a folding portable radio headset. It was crazy future tech at the time! Looking back now it seems so lame :)

These things should sell like hotcakes. if they made them totally waterproof so I could wear them surfing. I would be all over them!

The strap would make more sense if you were able to mount your sunglasses to them, then it would be more durable for riding on the trail:P

To bad they are not Blutooth so they can double as a headset?

jazzyblues98 4 years ago

i need a new work out mp3 this might do it as ipod touch gets kinda annoying while jogging. But that does bring up a good point I wonder what sony is going to do with the X-series i honestly think a 3.5 inch oled screen and have it run android then it might be a nice option to the ipod touch or zune hd.

Xylem 4 years ago

I've had a motorola S9 for sumtime and they were gr8 for jogging. this should be a real seller for its $60 price tag..

moethelawn 4 years ago

Even though Sony claims it's lightweight, because all of the circuitry and chips that are in the earbuds would cause it to have more weight than an average earbud so there may be a chance where someone might think it's too heavy.  In any case, I think it's really cool how they compacted the walkman like that.

mentaldisorder 4 years ago

One thing is for sure, it would definitely give you an interesting tan line. I'm also a little curious about those buttons, they seem a little funky having so many varying heights.

Kyouya 4 years ago

This is not much of an upgrade because the previous model was very faulty because of the sweat issue. Sony could have done more with this model by offering more features...possibly a bluetooth headset option with cellphones or smart phones.

RyuGTX 4 years ago

I'm pretty much sold on this unless reviews tell me otherwise. I'm sick of using my first generation iPod nano. It is even bulkier with the plastic protection case over it. It has fallen out of my pocket numerous times while I am running (mainly downhill).


One thing I wished that they could have incorporated is what the iPod has with the Nike+. I really like this combination because I can set things like distance and it records my times and my pace. This is graet because I'd rather run outside than on some treadmill.

Inspector 4 years ago

Well the ipod nano helped you get some extra running done :D.

LOL mental, It won't for me :P it would go over my hair so that's not a problem :D

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