Sony And Box Team Up To Offer 50GB Of Free Cloud Storage For Xperia Buyers

Seems like a couple of companies are in the giving mood this holiday season. Sony and Box have just renewed a nice promotion through 2013, enabling those who buy an Xperia smartphone with Android 2.1+ to grab 50GB of Box cloud storage for free. Box works much like Dropbox or Google Drive, but getting a full 50GB for nothing isn't a bad deal. Whether it be images, videos, apps, documents (you name it), you can store, share and access files from any of your connected devices – computer, smartphone, tablet and internet enabled TV. The only major catch is this: it's not compatible with the Xperia X10 mini, X10 mini pro and devices with Android versions prior to 2.1.

Wondering if some of those other smartphone makers will follow suit, or if this is just Sony's way of trying to draw your attention from those HTC and Samsung products you've most likely been eying...
Via:  Sony
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Dorkstar 2 years ago

That's a pretty sweet deal.  I wish all phone markets would move to a cloud storage option.  Say $200 for a 8GB version with a $5 monthly fee for 50GB of cloud storage.  Instead of paying $500 for a 64gb version.  I guess they all could just move to micro SD's though...

theemilio_crazy 2 years ago

Nice deal!

OSunday 2 years ago

I feel like everyone is trying to have their own version of cloud storage, unique to a particular service or device when what people really need is one location for cloud storage across multiple devices.

That's one of the reasons Dropbox has been so successful compared to other cloud services

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