Select Starbucks Blocking Ports To Prevent Wi-Fi Camping

Have you visited a Starbucks in a major city recently? Not for the coffee, but for the wall outlet and the free Wi-Fi? Shame on you! But in honesty, Starbucks had to know 'campers' would come once they removed the cover from their Internet and offered it to all. But Internet's only as good as the power that comes with it. Once your laptop battery dies, all the free WLAN waves in the world aren't going to do you any good.

It has apparently become quite the problem. A new report from Reuters points out that some highly trafficked Starbucks facilities in New York City are actually blocked electrical outlets in a bid to keep campers moving on and provide seats for actual customers who just need a place to rest after buying up a latte or yogurt cup (or whatever else Starbucks sells).

Starbucks spokesman Alan Hilowitz didn't provide much of a statement, but here it is: "Customers are asking (for it) .... They just purchased a latte and a pastry and there is nowhere to sit down in some of these really high-volume stores. If this is what the store needs to do to support the business, then they're allowed to make the decision to do that. It really is all about the balance."

That's what you get with free, we guess.
Via:  Reuters
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OMEGADraco 3 years ago

Haha, I think this is a good idea though I think they will just move on to McDonalds :P

If they are continuously buying coffee while camping then that can be a problem.

rrplay 3 years ago

Makes absolutely perfect sense to me for Starbucks to close the AC outlets.Thinking of it's customers that would like to sit and enjoy whatever fresh brew & whatever for a spell or decide to go elsewhere all-together.

OMEGADraco 3 years ago

Besides closing their AC outlets also saves them money on electricity...

jonation 3 years ago

it's amazing the cost of "free" services *cough* *android* *cough*

the key to a successful food/bev business is customer flow. stagnation is a true killer.

animatortom 3 years ago

Very true Jo!

Imagine if they let people hang out in the movie theatre all afternoon, and bring their laptops and cameras just by purchasing one set of nachos:P

ThunderBird 3 years ago

Yea you knew this was bound to happen.

realneil 3 years ago

Some Laptops have a wicked-long battery life, and I have three batteries for mine in the case. (the original 3 cell, and two 6 cell batteries) So who needs a plug?

Inspector 3 years ago

Aww how am i suppose to stay connected with HH now :( lol

CKaye 3 years ago

that only better be in new York.

animatortom 3 years ago

Good! Its bad enough that we have all those kids who park themselves there just to do their homework! heres somthing we can teach the kids...IT'S CALLED HOMEWORK FOR A REASON!

PragPsych 3 years ago

protip: buy more chairs

torepd 3 years ago

When I was homeless, I often frequented coffee shops. Although I had a long life netbook, the abiliity to recharge the netbook at a coffee shop was helpful. The shelters were not always ideal for charging laptops. In fact, my netbook was stolen once while recharging in a chapel annex to the shelter, but police recovered it. Some homeless people had to charge their cellphones as well. I usually chose coffee shops that provided free wifi and free refills. In the end, Panera proved to be the best alternative as other coffee shops eliminated free coffee refills. The library was the most common destination. However, not every library has suitable hours. Given the early release times from shelters, a coffee shop would open up before the library. There are also days when the library is closed.

JStewart 3 years ago

LOL @ the image of homeless people with netbooks and cellphones.

joelhook280 3 years ago

Just use a PSP or Iphone, that way you can still take advantage of it, but not look like you are, and you can buy attachments now to let you charge things like these as you walk, perfect solution.

dvoycnside 3 years ago

Starbuck's should hire an old chinese grandma to run up to wifi campers and yell "You be here four hour, you go now!!!!, I check your cup, is empty, you buy more or you go home!!!" That'll take care of the problem.

realneil 3 years ago

[quote user="dvoycnside"]Starbuck's should hire an old chinese grandma to run up to wifi campers and yell "You be here four hour, you go now!!!!, I check your cup, is empty, you buy more or you go home!!!" That'll take care of the problem.[/quote]

hahahahaha,.....That would work perfectly.

(I like your screen name,....listen to that voice)


dvoycnside 3 years ago

Thanks! I knew someone would get a kick out of that.

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