Samsung Galaxy S III Surpasses iPhone 4S Smartphone Sales in U.S. for First Time

Apple beat Samsung to a pulp in court over patent infringement claims and is now owed over a billion dollars in damages, but when it comes to stateside smartphone shipments, Samsung has reason to boast. The company's flagship Galaxy S III device topped the iPhone 4S in smartphone sales in the U.S. in August, which is the first time that's happened.

"We believe this is the first month since the iPhone 4S launched in October 2011 that it was not the top-selling smartphone in the U.S. market," said T. Michael Walkley, a Canaccord Genuity analyst.

Samsung Galaxy S III

Be careful not to read too much into that. American consumers aren't boycotting Apple by any stretch, they're just preparing for the iPhone 5 launch. Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 5 at a press event later this month, with shipments of the new smartphone expected to go out to consumers in October, provided Sharp can get a grip on its iPhone 5 display production issues. When that happens, don't be surprised to see the iPhone 5 quickly become the best selling smartphone in the U.S., just like the 4S has been up until last month.

In the meantime, Samsung get enjoy a stint as maker of the most popular smartphone in the country.
Via:  CNet
lipe123 2 years ago

This gap in Iphone steps might be just what android devices need to get their foot into the door.

I've had my S3 for a few months now and I'm quite satisfied, it's about time people wake up and realize apple isn't the only thing out there.

karanm 2 years ago

@lipe123 well said, I upgraded from a Blackberry to an android device and so did my sister and we both love our new phones. I personally never even considered the iphone when I was gonna switch but I did compare the HTC One X (the phone I have now) to the S III and went with the HTC because of the price and some reviews I read around the interwebs.

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