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RunCore Releases Pro IV SSDs

RunCore Releases Pro IV SSDs

RunCore has a history of offering very fast SSDs. The company recently announced its latest solid-state drive, the new Pro IV SSD. While the new drive is certainly fast, that the speed also comes at a price. RunCore claims the Pro IV Solid State drives offer superior random read and random write speeds compared to the other main stream SSD on the market today. To back that claim up, this 2.5-inch drive can read at up to 240Mbps and write at up to 185Mbps.

Assuming you’re willing to shell out between $149 and $889 (depending on the model you choose), RunCore has made using the drive a breeze thanks to the included USB enclosure and cloning software that'll have you up and running in no time.  In fact, RunCore claims novice users should be ready to use the drive in as little as 10 to 20 minutes. The drive also comes with a free 15-day trial of Acronis True Image for PC and Super Duper for the Mac.

Expected street prices are as follows: $149.99 for a 32GB drive, $249.99 for a 64GB drive, $449.99 for a 128GB drive, and $889.99 for a 256GB drive. The drives will start shipping around May 15th; preorders will be accepted through many retailers.

Interface Type


Form Factor


Flash Media Type



32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB

Onboard Cache

32GB: 32MB
64GB, 128GB, 256GB: 64MB


32GB, 64GB:
Read Speed up to 215MB/s
Write Speed up to 150MB/s

Read Speed up to 240MB/s
Write Speed up to 185MB/s

Read Speed up to 240MB/s
Write Speed up to 180MB/s

Test Environment:
Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 1.86GHz,
South Bridge: NVIDIA GeForce 7050, 2GB DDR2 800MHz
OS: Windows XP Pro SP2

Test Software:
ATTO Disk Benchmark


Operation mode: 600mA/5.0V
Sleep mode: 150mA/5.0V




MTBF>1,500,000 hours (MLC)
Intergraded Flash File System;
12bit ECC per sector

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Kewl . I want one

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I wouldn't say "Superior" But they are definitely slightly faster(on paper) Than most other MLC SSDs(if not all). Good prices for the smaller drives. Should give the vertex drives some competition. I wonder what controller they are using in them?

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Yes, I am considering this type of drive as a raid implementation on my home PC's, when I upgrade to my next platform. I will most likely use it as a true master that contains only my operating system, and some applications that load on boot and operate in the background all the time. So the 32GB is fine. I will then use larger drives (sata2 most likely) to hold music multimedia storage etc. So I am glad to see the prices drop for a decent unit. I hope this keeps moving forward as it seems to be doing nor for the last 2 years. I always like higher performance and especially lower prices on it.

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I run my 2 30GB vertex drives as my primary drive with my OS on it. I also load all my games to it. But it start to fill up quick with the games lol. I have a 750GB and a 200GB for Multimedia storage. The vertex's were $130 each when I got them.. and they are FAST...

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Well acarzt, I think you'll need 22 more to have killer performance.Wink Hopefully you know my reference.

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Pffft, my OCZs are way better than those samsungs lol at this rate I would only need about 10 of mine :-P

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