Radeon 4800 In June?

This summer the graphics war might be hotter than the temperature.   While NVIDIA is gearing up to release their next-generation architecture, AMD hasn't exactly been sitting on their laurels:

“The 4800 range is expected start at less than two hundred of your yankee dollars for the 4850 variant with half a gig of GDDR3 graphicy goodness and the abilty to run up to four cards per system.

The 4870, and 4870X2 to be launched in July, will carry 512MB and 1024MB of GDDR5 respectively.”

We’re certainly eager to see how the AMD’s latest and greatest will stack up against NVIDIA’s upcoming GT200 series.
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nelsoncp21 6 years ago

i hope these dates are correct cause a pair of 4870's would be perfect for my new system along with the asus x48 rampage mb if they perform as well as expected. The only downside is how fast someone will produce a waterblock for them. I suspect EK will be the first to come out with 1.

rapid1 6 years ago
Hey Nelson if the 3870 which I am now running which I got at a sub 200 dollar price and runs absolutely great on any game I've tried it on also runs cooler than anything else and with greater energy efficiency largely due to the NM spec it is manufactured in but also has hardware auto fan throttling and I run it oc'd with the factory oc'r made by ati so this has gddr5 the same cooling energy backbone with a years improvement and did I say GDDR5 and more of everything I doubt you will need watercooling to begin with even when/if OC'd and about the performance lvl I doubt you will have to worry and if the x2 has GDDR5 as they state think of running 2 3 or 4 of those with two processors per board and a gig of GDDR5 (oh did I mention that b4) thats 4 or 6 gpu's and 2 3 or 4 gigs of it
nelsoncp21 6 years ago

Sounds like a bit of overkill the way you say it. watercooling is the way to go for me. I am sick of the drastic change in temps with aircooling. I have spent way to much time and money already not to go forth with the watercooling. Besides that it looks way sicker!

rapid1 6 years ago

Very true but the graphics tech is made to compete with Nvidia's newest which means rather than overkill it's being competitive. On the GDDR and cooling energy usage I was talking about it's just more advantages on their product.

rapid1 6 years ago

Oh and from what I understand all the GPU's are interoperable now. SO say you have a 3850 or whatever on the 3000 series will automatically crossfire with an existing 3000 series product, Also with there onboard 3000 series solutions.

Crisis Causer 6 years ago

rapid1, please make use of the edit button next time.  That's what it's for.  If you look carefully you can't miss it.Wink

ATi's crossfire is very versatile, yes.  You can x-fire a 3850 with another 3850, or a 3870, or even a 3870X2.  I do not think the 4800 line will work with the 3800 line, but that's still more than Nvidia can do.

Crisis Causer 6 years ago

I have been reading the same rumours.  Late June, and July.  The sooner the better.  Hopefully they are competetive and help lower prices on all ranges of GPU products.  If the 4850 doesn't beat the 8800GT and the 4870 beat the 9800GTX it'll be a huge let down, imo.  Here's hoping.

squid267 6 years ago
$200! , Let the War begin!
khelben1979 6 years ago

I've read about it on the net and I personally will look at these in future reviews.

Can Direct X 10.1 be used by video players for improved video playback? *curious* My current guess is that the extra functionality found in Direct X 10.1 only affects gaming performance, am I right?

Bitbrain 6 years ago

Direct X 10.1 is an incremental update of Direct3D 10.0 which is shipped with, and requires Windows Vista Service Pack 1.This release mainly sets a few more image quality standards for graphics vendors, while giving developers more control over image quality.

It also requires a whole new set of requirements, including Shader Model 4.1 and 32-bit floating-point operations. It also supports single pass AA and Cubed Map Arrays. Direct3D 10.1 still fully supports Direct3D 10 hardware, but to be able to support all the features you need a card with the required hardware.

I will see how the 4850 competes in price/preformance/power requirements with the upcomeing GT200 (9900 GT, GTS, GTX??) from Navida and get one of the two for the rig I'm building. I'll set my budget at about $225-250. I wont be able to get a video card until September or October so mabe they will drop a few bucks for the Christmas rush.

rapid1 6 years ago
I wish there was more active info on these and there supposed upcoming release I can't find jack on em on the AMD/ATI site
Crisis Causer 6 years ago

Remember the 9700 Pro?  Who even knew it was going to come out and then... bam!  Fastest GPU every at the time out of nowhere.  Most of the information you are hearing are rumours, probably based mostly in truth, but AMD oficially doesn't want anyything known until it's known.  It would give Nvidia more time to counter if they knew what the competetion was developing.  Ideally, Nvidia (and any consumer) doesn't know until the day it launches.  All AMD would really want to leak anyway is "New 4800 is fast!!!".Big Smile

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