Preorders Begin For Kid-Friendly LeapPad Tablet

If your kid regularly likes to use your iPad or other tablet, you might be interested in a new offering from LeapFrog called the LeapPad. This tablet is specifically designed for kids and offers more than 100 learning games and apps. The LeapPad also features an on-board camera and video recorder.

The look of the LeapPad resembles other adult-oriented tablets but it has a price tag that’s much lower than adult-oriented tablets. The LeapPad is currently available for preorder for $99. The LeapPad has 2GB of internal memory. The tablet’s 5-inch touchscreen display supports a resolution of 480x272.

LeapPad apps cost $5 and game cartridges cost $24.99. The LeapPad comes in green and pink colors. The tablet will be available at retail stores on August 15.

Via:  LeapFrog
LBowen 3 years ago

Learning is a lot easier when it is fun and interactive. They just need to offer updates so the children are being challenged as well. I'm always for anything that pushes education because the educational system just keeps on falling behind.

AKwyn 3 years ago

I don't know how they do it but LeapFrog has managed to make some of the best kids products out there.

I'm going to assume this'll be a rousing success.

HHGrrl 3 years ago

I like this. I don't mind the idea of kids using the adult tablets, but it's just so much safer if they have their own - they can't get into bad stuff and this tablet is more affordable (and cheaper to replace!) if ever broken.

LeapFrog makes good stuff. I'm glad they're getting into the tablet market for kids.

leappadreviews 2 years ago

It's like an iPad for kids! Maybe if I get them a LeapPad , they'll stay off of my iPad.

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