Pandora Premieres Lets You Listen In Before An Album Drops

If you're tired of waiting for an album to ship to actually hear what has already been mixed and mastered, you're in luck. If you're a Pandora user, that is. Pandora Premieres launched this week, giving listeners the chance to hear select albums up to seven days before those albums are destined to hit store shelves. With Internet radio, music streaming and digital sales overtaking physical CD sales, it's things like this that are apt to keep people coming back. Pandora Premieres will feature previews from a wide variety of artists, both established and emerging, across multiple genres, up to one week prior to the scheduled U.S. launch date.

Listeners can enjoy these early album releases simply by adding the Pandora Premieres station, which will be updated weekly with new releases. With Pandora Premieres, listeners can choose to hear any track on the featured album, in any order and as many times as they'd like, for the time period the album is available on the station. Listeners are encouraged to tune in regularly because new albums will be featured each week, with some artists also offering additional exclusive content such as video interviews.

The Pandora Premieres station can be added to a listener's station list by typing "Pandora Premieres" into the search. The station and more information about the program are also available at Tune in, won't you?
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Rhurazz12 one year ago

This is good news for me! Now it gives me a chance to see whether or not an album is worth listening to, and the option to listen to as much as I want for up to 7 days is a big plus. Question is this a feature for just Pandora One subscribers or to all, cause it wasn't mentioned..

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