OutSprinted: Verizon's LTE Bests Sprint's WiMax

Analyst Walter Piecyk of BTIG Research ran more than 1,000 speed tests in New York City to determine which 4G network was faster, Verizon's LTE or Sprint's WiMax. If it's all about speed for a subscriber, the tests point to one 4G network: Verizon.

Sprint's HTC Evo 4G smartphone and the recently released Verizon HTC Thunderbolt were used in the tests. BTIG used the phones as mobile hotspots. Both an iPad 2 and Toshiba laptop used the smartphones for their broadband connectivity, and the results were unsurprising, echoing another recent test by RootMetrics that compared all Big 4 carriers and came out with Verizon on top.

That was average: Verizon's network topped out at 19Mbps download and 10Mbps upload. In addition, Piecyk said that the Verizon network was more reliable, and that the Thunderbolt had better battery life than the Evo.

Of course, while Verizon's LTE blasts away at other carriers' 4G services, it's still only available in limited markets. Verizon plans to aggressively increase that coverage however; AT&T's LTE service won't even begin testing until mid-2011.

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Walter Piecyk appears to have a soft spot for the HTC Thunderbolt. He recently wrote that a survey of 150 Verizon Wireless stores showed the Thunderbolt selling at least as well as the iPhone 4 at 89 percent of stores, with it outselling Apple's device at 28 percent of them.
Via:  BTIG Research
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rapid1 3 years ago

I personally use my phone to use it as a phone and a tool in it's digital capacities/capabilities. I do not use it as a bragging tool to say it looks cool and downloads faster than anything. Most likely I would download from either my home wireless or hooked to my PC.

I have personal experience on this one as I am a no contract Verizon user right now, that has an available upgrade (roughly minus 100-150 on any phone), but will not be doing it with Verizon because of long term costs.

Right now with my family pack use on Verizon I pay 50 per phone for 1400 minutes with 3 phones +10 for texting. With smart phones I would pay an extra $30, $50, or $80 each for the various iterations of data contracts on Verizon. So if I did it roughly $310 with the middle data cap ($50) and the $10 for family texting.

Or I could go to Sprint and use Wimax for $120 for 1200 minutes plus $9.99 for the third phone period. Sprint includes texting, web browsing and everything in one. I could also shortly have a 3D capture device for video/pics of my daughters. Oh and those minutes are only used for land line phones as all cell to cell calls are free. Oh and I get Google voice and all the other stuff for free now automatically.

$130 vs. $310 a month, but no bragging rites to the fastest down loading smart phone. Not to mention the Nexus S is comparable to anything Verizon has now minus 4G, and NFC auto on Gingerbread and activated in the phones hardware. Where the EVO 3D will be better than anything they have until either they get the iPhone 5 in June or the Bionic in the middle of the 2nd quarter some time.

dadodgeson 3 years ago

i agree with everything rapid1 said

i have had the evo since it came out and only been on 4g one time (because of were i live) but the wifi is what i use 60% of the time anyway.

speed doesn't matter if you can't pay for the service

omegadraco 3 years ago

I am with Sprint for exactly the reasons you stated Rapid. Until Verizon can start competing competitively with Sprints prices they will not be getting my business. Plus their plan is truly unlimited. Plus Sprint's WiMax network is available in my town Verizon's LTE not so much.

dammonritter 3 years ago

I agree I will not give up my iPhone as I am holding out with the actually unlimited plan. It cost me roughly $135 for two iPhones per month. I would be paying much more if I was to upgrade to a new phone and new plan given that you can no longer have unlimited. I easily pass 3 GB per month on my phone. Not to mention that this 4G states that it is unlimited, but what they do not tell you in the store, recent experience, when you go outside the 1 ft. block of coverage on 4G you are limited to certain amount on 3G after which they charge the crap out of you. I am sure people on this site know there stuff, but man these sales people in general have no idea what they are talking about. Try explaining to them that there is no way that a phone can hit 20 megabytes download, its megabits man, "no, no, sir it is megabytes" *smack* and walk away...

infinityzen1 3 years ago

This is EPIC EPIC fail on the testers part. Don't get me wrong, I love my EVO 4G but it has the slowest data speed of any of the WiMAX phones. Use the EVO Slide and the results would be totally different. The EVO Slide consistantly throws up numbers 25~50% faster than the EVO 4G.

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