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Nokia's In-Depth "Making Of" Video For Lumia 800

Nokia's In-Depth "Making Of" Video For Lumia 800

Nokia has a lot on the line with the Lumia 800. A whole lot. The company has transitioned nearly its entire portfolio over to Windows Phone, and they are certainly betting the farm on Microsoft's newest mobile OS. Only time will tell how that works out for the company, but it's pretty obvious that some serious time and effort are going into promoting it. While the Lumia 800 won't be on sale in the U.S. for some time yet, the company already has an 8-minute in-depth look at how it was designed and built. Remember, the 800 looks a lot like the N9, but there are a few subtle differences outside (and a ton of them inside) that make this clip worth watching. Now, to see if the passion poured in translates to sales...

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Well... Obviously they're trying to hype this thing a lot to the public. Windows Phone 7 is Nokia's supposed saivor and if Nokia's phones with Windows Phone 7 don't sell then both Microsoft and Nokia will be in trouble, so it's understandable that Nokia released this 8-minute video on YouTube...

As said before, Nokia has a huge uphill battle to fight.

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