Nokia To Buy Palm?

Palm, one time king of the PDAs, might be looking or a buyer if a report from is accurate.

Recent years haven't been kind to Palm, as rival Microsoft has gobbled up a large portions of the evolving smartphone market. It looks like Nokia might want a piece of the pie.

"Palm is reported to have hired Morgan Stanley in recent weeks to help it find a buyer. On Tuesday, reported that Sweden's Nokia is the leading bidder for Palm, though Palm management favors a private equity buyer. The sources tell CNBC, however, that while management does favor a private equity deal, a match with Motorola makes the most sense because there would be more synergy with the two companies' product lines."

Nokia has been in the cell phone market a long time now, and if they are looking at Palm then it is makes one wonder what kinds of nifty products Nokia might be dreaming up.

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