Next-Gen Gorilla Glass: Smartphones Could Have Antibacterial, Anti-Glare Displays

It's not too often that upcoming glass technology is worth getting excited over, but leave it to Corning to pique our interest. During a recent talk at MIT's Mobile Technology Summit, Dr. Jeffrey Evenson took to the stage to reiterate what it is about Gorilla Glass that makes it such an attractive product (something well evidenced given the majority of smartphones out there today implement it), as well as to give us a preview of what's coming. As you might be able to surmise, it's worth learning about.

Gorilla Glass Engineer

Having pretty much mastered Gorilla Glass where strength, scratch-resistance and general durability are concerned, the company is now looking to improve-upon it (possibly for Gorilla Glass 4) by making it non-reflective and germ-resistant.

In the photo below, it looks as though this sheet of glass has a gaping hole in it. Not so - that "hole" is actually a portion of the glass that has been treated with Corning's anti-reflective material. I'm a little careful with using the word "incredible", but that's the only way I can describe this. Imagine your smartphone sporting this - you'd finally be able to see the screen regardless of how bright the sun behind you is.

Gorilla Glass Non-reflective Surface

The next-gen Gorilla Glass will also boast another important feature though: an antimicrobial coating. It's a little disconcerting to think about, but that phone of yours... it's coated with bacteria. The same goes for virtually any surface, but that doesn't mean we can't get rid of it when we have the option.

In the example below, we can see that when a glass surface uses this coating, it dramatically reduces the amount of bacteria found. The difference is just striking, and it almost makes us wonder why this wasn't tackled long ago.

Gorilla Glass Antimicrobial

There's little doubt that given Corning's history with Gorilla Glass, this next iteration is going to be well-worth opting in for, but unfortunately, it appears that it won't be hitting our phones or tablets that soon. The estimate is "in the next two years". Regardless of whenever it gets here, it unfortunately can't get here fast enough.

Via:  Phone Arena
Dave_HH one year ago

I just think the Gorilla is badass. What a great brand mascot! :D

Jun one year ago

Gorilla glass needs to make it more scratch resistant as well. My Nexus 4 got a scratch after one day. It was either my dried fingers or my dog walking over it :-(. Antiglare sounds good though.

JoePhillips one year ago

Yeah I'm sure it is better than regular glass of course but man it still breaks really easy. I used to repair iPhones for a company and there was no shortage of work. The anti glare is awesome but you know what is said about bacteria the more you treat it the more resistant it gets. This might not be as great an idea as everyone thinks just save a few people from a little cold they could potentially be helping create a super flu or something that kills a lot of people.

JoePhillips one year ago

I'm a glass half empty kind of guy obviously.

LaurentLavigne one year ago

I wonder how they reduce bacteria, I hope they don't lace the glass with antibiotics or we'll see the emergence of new super bugs.

MattAnthonyLewis one year ago

Oh youre late, that's already happening but not because of this glass. By that I mean completely antibiotic resistant bacteria has already started spreading to some hospitals hmm...

DustinCrawley one year ago

More than likely they have change the shape/texture of the surface of the glass to make it hard for bacteria grow in the same way they make it hard for bacteria to grow on plastic cooking utensils. Another example would be the navy's research into developing paint that mimics the surface of shark scales to keep barnacles from growing on the under belly of navy ships which would save alot of money in fuel costs.

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