NZXT Takes a Shrink Ray to Phantom Chassis, Introduces Smaller Size Phantom 410

We had a chance to get up close and personal with NZXT's ginormous Phantom chassis during our 'Back-to-School PC Roundup' in September, and let us tell you, it's a great looking case. It's also quite large. We thought it resembled a Storm Trooper, both in size and shape, and while that's fine if you have room for a full tower chassis, not everyone is interested in a case that big. Meet the new Phantom 410.

NZXT's newly introduced Phantom 410 is the same chassis aesthetically and it shares many of the same awesome features, but in a smaller package. The Phantom 410 measures 215 (W) x 516 (H) x 532 (D) millimeters, a sizable downgrade in size compared to the original Phantom (222 x 540 x 623), but without sacrificing features or functionality. Some bullet points attached to the Phaneom 410 include:
  • Liquid-cooling support with dual 240mm radiators
  • Pivoting 120mm/140mm fan slot for user adjustable airflow
  • Up to 8 fans can be installed for maximum cooling
  • 30W 3-step fan control for any situation: quiet, medium load, and maximum cooling
  • Innovative rail-mounted bays allow for easy SSD/HDD replacement
  • Removable HDD cage allows full-length expansion cards
  • Screwless 5.25-inch bays that also mount 2.5-inch drives
  • Full-range of internal and external 2 x USB 3.0, 2 x 2.0, and audio support

That's not a bad feature-set and is comparable to the original Phantom, though graphics card clearance has been reduced to 305mm (without fan) / 280mm (installed / 230mm (full pivot), down from 350mm.

We're waiting to hear back from NZXT on price and availability.

EDIT: The Phantom 410 will launch next week for $99.99.

Via:  HH Mail
RMedley 3 years ago

This is cool but I personally like at the least an oversize mid-tower minimum. I have thought about building a mini especially as an HTPC, but you can get uber small for that. I like my desktops to have breathing room.

CDeeter 3 years ago

Here's a look inside this puppy:

Looks great!

omegadraco 3 years ago

I almost always build my personal desktops with a full tower just because that's what I like :) but for friends I often go with a mid-tower and this case is looking very sweet.

OSunday 3 years ago

Ahhh I was just looking at this case a couple days ago, thinking it would be perfect if it weren't so big! haha

rrplay 3 years ago

Some of you guy know that I have the full size Black Phantom chassis and Ya know something ?? I was def a bit surprised[ nicely of course] is that it is big,..So I say making a version that a bit smaller is a good move on NZXT and it priced pretty sweeet too.The fan controllers are a bit dif on the mid size rahter than the variable on the full tower but should not be a deal breaker. Thanks for posting that pic for us CDeeter . mmmthe hydro cooler , lot's of room insde to get the paws in lol and cable management inside the Phantom chassis is a breeze.! Esp with a semi-modular PSU like the NZXT Hale 90 and others from the NZXT line-up.. the right amount of hardwired cable is a pretty much all anyone need to run a single gpu card rig in the let's say 650W-850W PSU range .

choice of colors too

OptimusPrimetime 3 years ago

"Smart move by NZXT and looks just as great as its big brother. Saw a review already and I liked the extra fan mount on the hard drive cage, did not like that you have to put the case on its side to remove the dust filter, a slide out would have been preferable. Other then that minor nitpick, I love this case."

slugbug 3 years ago

I mentioned on their Facebook page a while back that I would like to see a smaller version of their Phantom case. I wonder if they already had this in the works or used my idea?

rrplay 3 years ago

[quote user="slugbug"]

I mentioned on their Facebook page a while back that I would like to see a smaller version of their Phantom case. I wonder if they already had this in the works or used my idea? [/quote]

recall  your comment on FB about that too slugbug  !....can't remember parts of last week  with the in-coming Madcow & CRS moments in general

but recall that stuff going on with the NZXT FB posts RE: "a smaller version of the chassis" from you many moons ago.


RSmith 3 years ago

I'd just love the opportunity to mod the heck out of 1 of these *evil grin* .

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