Motorola DEVOUR Brings MOTOBLUR Android Skin To Verizon

AT&T could be in a world of trouble. Just a year ago, the carrier was going around bragging about just how many smartphones were being used on their network compared to the competition, but in reality, that was just a ploy to brag about the iPhone being available on their network alone. Things are different today, and the cards are being stacked against them more and more each day, it seems.

Today, Motorola introduced its second Android-based phone on the USA's largest wireless operator in terms of customers: the DEVOUR. Just a few months back, Motorola's DROID splashed down and made a huge positive impression, and now Motorola has delivered their first smartphone with MOTOBLUR to the very same company. Verizon now has the DROID, the Pre+, the Pixi+ and the DEVOUR. Maybe we're missing something, but it seems like the carrier is just an iPhone away from having America's most robust and unstoppable smartphone lineup.

And if our hunches prove correct, the iPhone will be coming onboard before the year is out. The DEVOUR itself is mainly a modified DROID, using Motorola's own Android skin in order to bring about the same user experience as was found on the CLIQ, which launched on T-Mobile last year. MOTOBLUR is the first solution to sync contacts from work and personal e-mail services, including Gmail, with posts, messages, photos and more from popular sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. With MOTOBLUR, content is automatically delivered to the home screen and fed into easy-to-manage streams.

Verizon has yet to make public a price, but it will ship next month.

Key features:

  • Touch-sensitive navigation pad
  • 3.1” capacitive touch screen
  • Pre-loaded applications such as Gmail, Google Talk™, YouTube™, Google Search™ and Google Maps™ with Google Maps Navigation.
  • Android Market™ gives users access to more than 20,000 applications.
  • Happenings Widget – MOTOBLUR automatically pushes status updates, wall posts and photo updates from popular social networking sites to the Happenings Widget on the home screen. Customers can flick through the latest updates and fire back responses using the slide-out full QWERTY keyboard.
  • Universal Inbox – MOTOBLUR gathers texts, social network messages and e-mails into one home screen widget for quick response.
  • Back-Up and Security – Contacts, log-in information, home screen customizations, e-mail and social network messages are backed up automatically on the secure MOTOBLUR portal. The portal also allows customers to use the phone’s fully integrated aGPS to help locate the phone if misplaced. Remote wipe easily clears information from a lost device.
  • 8 GB microSD™ card pre-installed
  • Bluetooth® profiles supported: A2DP, HID, HSP, HFP, AVRCP and GAP

Service plans:

  • To get the most from Motorola DEVOUR, customers will need to subscribe to a Nationwide Talk or Nationwide Talk & Text plan and a Data Package for smartphones. Nationwide Talk plans begin at $39.99 monthly access, and Nationwide Talk & Text plans begin at $59.99 monthly access. A Data Package for smartphones is $29.99 for unlimited monthly access.

Via:  Motorola
rapid1 4 years ago

Yeah; this is what I was saying last week, Verizon seems to have every smart phone or a version of it besides the iPhone. This phone seems interesting to me I like the layout and functionality. I wonder what processor this phone uses, but either way it looks very nice to me, and has a pre-installed 8GB memory capacity which is a big plus as well.

I may have to consider it when I upgrade in April. One of the strangest things I have not figured out yet is this though. I just got a Env3 along with flipping my 1400 minute minute account talk and texting layout. However; when I got the Env3 (the second one on the account), I was informed I had to get a data package. I found a $9.99 one though which of course is not unlimited, but still considerably less that $29.99, and no one ever say's anything about, nor is it even advertised you have to find it and ask for it specifically it seems to get it.

ttvinko 4 years ago

Thats one good looking phone dude!


darel60 4 years ago

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