MobileMe Service Extended For Free Until June 2012

Well, there's no doubt that iCloud is the next hot thing for Apple, but MobileMe is where it all started for Apple's cloud initiatives. MobileMe was always a curious service. Why did it cost $99/year? Why did it do so little? Why were there so many problems? Why was it even an Apple service? Steve Jobs has reportedly been growing increasingly frustrated with MobileMe as a whole, even admitting during the WWDC opening keynote that the product wasn't Apple's finest. But if you're an existing user, don't worry, things are vanishing right away.

Emails are going around to those who bought into MobileMe saying that the service will remain alive and active until June 30, 2012, after which it will be shut off. The extension comes with no extra fees, and of course, you can hop onto the iCloud bandwagon this July when it launches for free. So, will anyone still be using iCloud when 2012 rolls around? We shall see, but at least you can mark your calendars now, right?

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LBowen 3 years ago

If I paid $99 for a service I would continue to use that service until the very last day. Sure iCloud is launching for free but Apple is still a company that wants to make money. Better to keep your MobileMe as a backup just in case Apple wants you to pay for new "upgrade" and server fees.

omegadraco 3 years ago

Hopefully Apple will offer a transfer tool to easily move your data from MobileMe to iCloud. If they manage to offer a tool that works they probably would be able to incrementally shut down portions of MobileMe fairly quick and save themselves to cost of running them.

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