MobiTV Subscription Service Brings Live TV To Apple iPhone

Until now, getting live TV on the iPhone took some effort. There was the SlingPlayer app that enabled SlingPlayer owners the ability to stream their Pay-TV content to their phone, but there wasn't a real substitute for the likes of Sprint TV on the iPhone. But MobiTV is hoping to change that, and their new app--which just got approved and listed in the App Store--is the software to do it.

MobiTV brings live TV, sports, breaking news and other entertainment options to iPhone owners, and there's also a user interface that makes it easy to sift through the various portals. Consumers can use the in-app purchasing feature to download an additional content package that includes eight channels of live programming from marquee brands, over 30 channels of on-demand TV that feature over 150 titles of full-length programming across news, entertainment, children’s and sports genres. The additional content package is available in one, three and six month subscriptions for $9.99, $24.99, and $44.99, respectively.

That's not all that bad considering just how much TV options cost on AT&T feature phones, but it still feels expensive considering that Sprint's Everything Plan includes TV streaming for free. But hey, if you're sold on the iPhone, this is about your best option.

Via:  MobiTV
la_guy_10 4 years ago

Hopefully this app will be available for the Windows 7 phone as that AMOLED screen and Nvidia Tegra should be great for a HD experience. This is an interesting app, but one that will definitely require AT&T upgrade their network as streaming live TV uses tons of bandwidth I am sure.

animatortom 4 years ago

Once again it is good to see that we are moving towards Internet TV.

I do hope they are able to take over the long despised Cable companies!

As for me they could not move fast enough. Yet I still wonder why others are trying to startup charge services like Flo-TV and others. Hopefully the Cell phone companies will step up their game and try and cover the market so that way everyone knows the choices they are about to have.

The only question now would be, how fast can they secure the right to all of everyones favorite channels and deliver the same lineup of choices that we have in home. Much like Hulu, I have noticed that they do not always have the shows that I want to watch until some time later. if they were able to broadcast shows at the same schedule as their broadcast counterparts then people would probably be already lining up. Instead they only are able to target a niche market of people who like the novelty of TV on the go.

inspector 4 years ago

:D I just downloaded this and it is pretty nice. It has a steady stream with no lag/spike on sound or video so far. The video quality is good and its nice to watch abc now... lol By the way is it really live? It says 7:00 PM when its 9:00 PM right now.

Marius Malek 4 years ago

I'm all too familiar with the SlingPlayer App. My friend's dad was showing it to me. We were located around 30 miles away from his home in the capitol city. Sports bar mind he just wanted to show this off to me. Well we were watching the UFC championship when he decided to test it out. It took a minute or two for the player to synchronize with his phone.

But the coolest thing about it was the fact that he was streaming a signal from his DirectTV box straight to his iPhone. The only problem was that it took forever and required some patient. The streaming quality was really good and I noticed maybe only a second of delay. Mind you he was dialing in to the same UFC channel as the sports bar was, so that's why I knew that there was a delay.

It doesn't at all surprise me that mobile TV is getting a kickstart. Everyone's always wanted it, but it's been difficult to achieve until now....with all the smartphone craze and everything. The market is now ripe enough to really get this to some customers. That is A LOT of data going to a phone, so I imagine that the newer generations are going to have to have more efficient batteries.

News channels and Sports News channel would receive the biggest attention by far. But the reason that this company can't deliver a signal broadcast of a premier release TV show is because it would require them to buy a license, or some form of red tape, from the studio that owns the rights to the show. That's big BIG money that this small company most likely does not contain.

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