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Microsoft Swears It’s Not Making Windows Phone 8 Hardware

Microsoft Swears It’s Not Making Windows Phone 8 Hardware

After Microsoft introduced its own Windows 8-based Surface tablet last week, riling its hardware partners, and shortly thereafter unveiled Windows Phone 8, the obvious next question is whether or not the company would make its own phone, too.

Information Week confirmed in an interview with Greg Sullivan, senior marketing manager for Windows Phone, that Microsoft will not be building a phone for Windows Phone 8. So there you have it--a solid “no”.

That has to be good news for the handset makers already committed to developing hardware for Windows Phone 8--HTC, Huawei, Nokia, and Samsung--who were probably none too pleased to see Microsoft wedge its toe in the mobile hardware market with Surface.

Of course, just because Microsoft says that it’s not making its own phone doesn’t mean that it’s true. Further, that may be a clever way of skirting the fact that the company might just snap up struggling Nokia and get its own handset business that way.

Such an acquisition would make sense right now; Nokia mostly bailed on its homegrown Symbian OS as well as Meego in favor of the Windows Phone platform, and the Finnish company is currently in dire straits. With Nokia’s present value so low, Microsoft could get itself a terrific financial deal; acquire loads of talent, intellectual property, and patents; and snag itself a built-in handset maker to boot.
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You have to also bring up the fact that Nokia is not the handset maker that MS might be eyeing right now!

HTC: this company doesn't have the patent portfolio that Nokia does but they are a US based company (yes this is a plus for MS over Nokia), it's valued under Nokia so it would be much cheaper to pick up, and the company is already not too happy with google for purchasing Motorola rather than them so hooking up with the likes of MS could be next in line. US govt. could also financially help with this deal or expedite the acquisition in order to help keep jobs in the US.

RIM: the next company being talked about. They have fallen on desperate times, they do come with a decent patent portfolio, they too could probably be purchase cheaper than Nokia (with or without their services side of the company), also RIM has US govt. contracts therefor the govt. would want a US based company to purchas them in order to keep those contracts and who better than MS who already shares a close relationship with out govt.

Don't assume just because MS has helped bail out Nokia that it would just want to outright purchase them. There seems to be 3 handset makers on the chopping block but with 2 potential buyers; Microsoft, and Facebook.

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HTC is a Taiwanese manufacturer, not a US based company! They only just have a division based in the US and is one of MS hardware developer partners.

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