Maylong's $99 M-150 Tablet Reviewed

About a month ago, we ran a story on how Walgreens was selling the Maylong M-150 tablet for $99, $30 below the regular price. While the M-150 is an obvious iPad knock-off that would never pass muster in the US, we were curious to see what sort of product $99 could buy...

Maylong's $99 M-150 Tablet Reviewed

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realneil 4 years ago

And it goes down in a blaze of glory,....smoking flames. Crying

rapid1 4 years ago

Ahhhhhhhhhh..... I just had 5 paragraphs on this written, and the page auto reset!

Ok; this device may be bottom of the barrel. The fact it exists at this price point speaks a lot. I think this next year is going to be an explosion. I also think it is going to hurt Apple.

There phones have been out of the top spot a couple months now with Android, Win7 phone, nipping at there heals as well as taking them over market wise in some cases. Not to mention RIM, and then Nokia is upping there charges legally as well against them.

They do have the iMarket of course, and have gotten into the search engine game as well. Will it be enough to prevent the same thing that happened to the after the Apple IIE though. If the rest of the market players are nipping at there heals, then the smaller players such as this $99 device are hitting certain product points of theirs, then I personally wonder how comfortable I would be holding there stock personally.

I think that this year the barrel will start leaking. At the speed of which current markets move, then it may well be well drained in a year or two at most. SO a device like this one actually can speak volumes. Not to mention the LG tegra2 smart phone that was just released, which is dual core, and all kinds other goodies on board as well.

The only reason I can see LG dropping it like they did in China is that there trying to beat the CES drop of there competitions products in 2 weeks. Other than that why not just wait for the conference?

NBright 4 years ago

AUTHOR, you need to load the new 2.1 ROM to the device to significantly increase performance and battery efficiency; In addition to gaining access to the Android Marketplace.

GOOGLE: “tipstir M-150 Rooted” or simply go here:

The developer is a genius.

Joel H 4 years ago


I appreciate the information, but we review products as shipped by the manufacturer. Mods of the sort you describe are only an option for a very small number of readers. Furthermore, a significant number of the problems we had, such as the USB dongle falling out,  the MicroSD slot not working properly, and the screen scuffing are not issues any Android update will fix.

If anyone has a Maylong M-150 and updates it in the manner described we'd certainly want to hear about it but it's not something we'd review unless Maylong ships a new version of the tablet with the physical issues solved and the OS update officially installed.

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