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MapQuest 4 Mobile Brings Free Voice Guidance To iPhone

MapQuest 4 Mobile Brings Free Voice Guidance To iPhone

Free iPhone apps are a plenty, but some are definitely better than others. Falling into the "better" category is the new MapQuest 4 Mobile iPhone app. Not only will this app turn your iPhone into a personal navigation device, but the latest version will also give you basic spoken instructions that tell you where to turn.

Another cool feature of MapQuest 4 Mobile is its Energy Saving mode that lets you dim the screen while still hearing voice instructions. This saves precious power when your iPhone's battery is running low. Although the app won't automatically reroute you if you miss a turn, it will inform you when you're off route and provide a "Reroute Me" option to get back on track. Sure, it's nice when a PND automatically reroutes you, but hey, MapQuest 4 Mobile is free.

Other features include:
  • NEW! Voice-Guidance speaks to you and informs you of upcoming turns. Change the settings if you prefer a sound prompt.
  • NEW! Off-Route Assistance tells you when you've taken a wrong turn, and gives options to help you get back on track.
  • Auto-Advance Feature improves "Find Me" by using iPhone® GPS to automatically locate you within your driving directions, recognize when you have taken a turn, and prepare you with the next maneuver - all without having to touch the screen.
  • Energy savings mode allows you to set the power consumption level for MapQuest® 4 Mobile - NOW with a medium setting for continued voice guidance when the screen dims!
  • Walking directions (pedestrian mode)
  • Highly usable driving directions featuring an oversized display as well as landscape mode orientation.
  • Save Maps and Routes on and retrieve on your iPhone®.
  • MapQuest® place carousel allows you to easily display locations for hotels, movie theatres, gas stations, and more with a single tap.
  • Negotiate difficult turns/sets of turns with orientation arrows when viewing directions in map mode.
  • Free-form search for businesses and places.
  • Make your own my position icon representing You on the map. Use the built in camera or choose from a variety of existing icons.
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Awesome! now i get FREE GPS system :) lol

Also that image is wrong unless you have to hold it to your ear to hear it(is it?), the speakers are on the bottom...

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Awesome...Totally Awesome...Way to go Hamilton!!

Something for free from Apple? I guess once it gets merged with Apple, that is when they will start charging. Because, if you do not have the ability to download and save the maps like you would in a standard GPS whats the point. Down the road they can always decide that the service can be charged for, or at least increase the connection rates if you have to have it on the network when using GPS?

Of course this still spells the destruction of the stand alone GPS manufacturers! Maybe now they are trying to get Apple to buy them out so they can retire in peace.

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animatortom, it is not Apple giving something for free, mapquest is owned by AOL.

The reviews I have read state it isn't as good as Google Navigation but for the iphone I will take it! I downloaded and will try this on way home tonight...hope it works well!

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