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Mac-Mini Fanbois: They Meant To Do That

Mac-Mini Fanbois: They Meant To Do That

Apple Computer's "low end" below $800.00 desktop computer, the Mac Mini, appears to have died alone and unloved. At least according to AppleInsider, who declared it dead yesterday. And according to AppleInsider,  it's only dead because Apple never really cared about an inexpensive line of computers in the first place.
Since then, the Mac mini has been treated to a rather mundane life-cycle. It has seen just four updates since inception, one of which was so insignificant in Apple's own eyes that the company didn't even bother to draft a press release. Even now, the current minis' 1.66GHz and 1.83GHz Core Duo processors are a far cry from the silicon offered in the rest of Apple's PC offerings. And rightfully so, as the company has seen lower margins from the units, which never gained the sales traction of its more fully equipped iMacs and MacBooks.

Some have gone so far as to call the mini Apple's bastard child; the neglected Mac that never was. At the same time, the history behind its creation and the reasons for its seeming abandonment are comparatively fuzzy. There is some speculation that Apple conceived the Mac mini under pressure from shareholders who wanted a sub-$800 Mac, but never really saw much in the design itself. It's almost as if the mini stood in direct contrast to Apple's fundamentals from the get-go.
Oh those nasty shareholders. I bet they dumped their stock right after that on e*trade using a Windows based computer, too.
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I am a die-hard PC fan, love it or hate it, that's just the way I am. I have exposure to Macs and PCs of all kinds on a daily basis and generally have not liked Macs, that's just me. However, I have two Mac-Minis that I test on regularly and have grown to like them a lot over the last year. They're slick little machines with pep and stability. These are ideal for a HTPC and would take up a fraction of the space of most PC equivalents. I'm disappointed, after all these years, Apple started to turn this PC enthusiast Microsoft lovin consumer and now they pull the plug. I was looking forward to the next evolution myself. Oh well, at least I have those smug Apple commercials to look forward to!

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