Look Up and Watch Out for Falling DRAM Prices

If you're thinking about upgrading your RAM or purchasing a pre-built PC on a strict budget, just hang tight for a New York minute. According to reports, DRAM inventory is on the rise, and that could translate into cheaper memory kits or prebuilt PCs with more RAM in the not too distant future.

A weak PC market combined with the impending release of Windows 8 has led to a slowdown in PC sales, leaving OEMs with a stockpile of DRAM. In fact, bulk OEMs are now reportedly sitting on two to three months of DRAM inventory, compared to four to six weeks previously.

DDR3 Memory

With that being the case, memory prices are likely to fall towards the end of the third quarter, and perhaps into the fourth. By the end of August, some are predicting that DRAM contract prices will dip as much as 10 percent, and that's just the beginning.

Lower contract prices have a tendency to trickle into the consumer sector in the form of cheaper memory kits and/or free upgrades to larger capacities when spec'ing out an OEM build. Don't expect any dramatic savings as the result of all this, as memory prices are dirt chip as it is, but if every dollar counts, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming deals.
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Jaybk26 2 years ago

Why don't they just use something similar to Apple's promotion (Because they'll get sued for copyright infringement) a few months back and just offer a free upgrade to Windows 8 as soon as it comes out?

AKnudson 2 years ago

Windows doesn't work the same way apple does, the 8 release is optional and pretty much unnecessary, Apple made the new release pretty much mandatory and as such they had to sweeten the deal. Instead of forcing every customer to buy a 50 dollar software update every 1.5 years, they give them a 15 dollar software update and attract new customers and keep the old customers happy.

The surplus in memory should ebb pretty quickly when the new OS is released so watch for prices to drop but if they start rising buy quick before the stock can level out or even run short depending on the popularity of the new windows 8 OS.

Jaybk26 2 years ago

Lol, it's not mandatory at all. I'm still using a machine running 10.6 and it works fabulously and is still supported. It's not until they get three or so generations that they just drop support. (At that point, you're usually facing a hardware limitation more than anything.)

AKnudson 2 years ago

Oh my bad, i read an article that said it was mandatory, i reviewed the article it says its practice mandatory for anyone who is trying to use Aperture or final cut in any sort of significant way. I personally have little to no experience with the two programs. Though thinking about it now it doesn't make sense that the entire mac user base would be forced to upgrade to the new operating system.

RTietjens 2 years ago

How do you figure that Windows 8 is an upgrade? Sure, MS Marketing says it is, but anyone who actually uses their computer for anything other than Web browsing and Hotmail knows better.

Erakith 2 years ago

Nice wording, "Hold on for a New York Minute."

I have a surplus of RAM in my home at the moment, but it's tempted to jump on this whilst the prices crash.

Do we expect them to continue dipping? Obviously they will as DDR4 approaches, but that's a ways off at the time of writing this.

fat78 2 years ago

That is nice to hear. I still need 2 more sticks of ram, atm i am only using 2/4 of my ram slots.

nicoletoledo 2 years ago

Exactly the more a product cost lower means a newer one is approaching. But if your a gamer and thats what you onlu do theres only so much ram can use

MMadru 2 years ago

Time to upgrade my laptop? Too bad I need an 8GB slot to upgrade it and those are pretty expensive right now.

JOMA 2 years ago
just got another 8GB the other day. $45 for 8GB is cheap in my book. If it goes down that's always good although I'd prefer to see SSD's plummet.
KAdair 2 years ago

Awesome lol I have 8gb as wes speak right now, but hey, if the price is good, why not get another 8 gb :D. SSD's have been getting cheaper and i grabbed myself a cheap 120GB kingston hyperX 3K totally recommend it!

rapid1 2 years ago

I thought DDR4 was supposed to be becoming the big thing as well relatively soon.

Kidbest100 2 years ago

Its nice to know that prices are dropping.

Even though the prices are low as it is, "every dollar counts."

Just another few extra bucks you can throw into something more important

KAdair 2 years ago

They will go down in price now, but future wise when ddr3 phases out and ddr4 comes in the prices will higher. You gotta buy it at the right time aha.

mhenriday 2 years ago

I have four 4GB sticks in my main box as it is and don't really need need any more memory - the machine is very responsive despite my unfortunate habit of having 200+ (at the moment 226) tabs open in FF Nightly. But if I could get good prices on 8GB sticks, I might allow myself to be tempted to go to a 4 x 8GB configuration....


NKR 2 years ago

No matter how much they fall .. I won't really go beyond 8GB.. their benefit in gaming is not that noticeable, atleast in today's games

NNK 2 years ago

RAM Buying time !

rrplay 2 years ago

yeah sure looks like RAM buying time might be a good time to evaluate cpu heatsink cooler clearance issues when shopping.

realneil 2 years ago

[quote user="rrplay"]yeah sure looks like RAM buying time might be a good time to evaluate cpu heatsink cooler clearance issues when shopping.[/quote]

That's a good point. I have two large CPU air coolers here (Enermax ETS T40-VD & NZXT Havik-140) and luckily, they both allow for moving one of the fans upwards to compensate for tall memory sticks. Some air coolers don't, and you can run into problems making it all fit.

Most self contained water CPU coolers don't have this issue.

I like these lower RAM prices, but I already have 16GB in all of my PCs except for one. It has 8GB in it. I found that going from 4GB to 8GB gave me a nice boost in performance, but 8GB to 16GB didn't make for a lot more performance.


mhenriday 2 years ago

Ah, realneil, how fortunate you are in that you don't seem subject to the bad habits of some of your fellows ! Just now I have some 256 tabs open in FF Nightly on Ubuntu 12.04 and I'm beginning to note a distressing degree of inertia, despite my 16GB of RAM. Either I'm going to have to reform, or I'll have to opt for a 4 x 8GB setup....


realneil 2 years ago

I try to keep it below 20 or 25 tabs all of the time.

Just the way I do it.

mhenriday 2 years ago

Alas, I seem to lack your self-discipline....   Smile


realneil 2 years ago

It's just an old habit left over from the days when it would crash the system having so many tabs open at once.

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