Lenovo's $199 7" IdeaPad A1 Tablet May Finally Get Attention Due To Price

Lenovo's tablet decisions of late haven't exactly made the most sense. They announced a Windows 7 tablet recently that won't ship for some time, yet Windows 8 now makes the idea of a Windows 7 tablet just seem odd. And now, the company has introduced the IdeaPad A1… with a super old version of Android.

That's right; the A1 will ship with Android 2.3, which isn't even a tablet-optimized build of the OS. It'll boast a 1.GHz single-core Cortex A8 CPU, two-finger capacitive touch, a 3MP rear camera, 0.3MP front camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a G-sensor, seven hours of battery life and a 1024x600 resolution.

It's a 7" tablet that is obviously designed to cater to those who don't want to spend a fortune on a tablet, and it'll ship in four colors. There are microSD and USB ports, a magnesium alloy cage and offline GPS support, too.

The wild part here is the price: despite having a lackluster CPU and a behind-the-times build of Android, it starts at just $199. But really, Lenovo -- would the price have increasing that much with a copy of Honeycomb? No, because Android's a free distribution. Sigh.
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realneil 3 years ago

So why not put the newest version of free honeycomb on it to sweeten the deal?

What's to stop people from doing the upgrade themselves?

FloggerMiester 3 years ago

The reason that the cheap tablets don;t get Honeycomb is that Google is holding the source code hostage and and only releasing it to "partners". So no one can write device drivers for the tablet hardware to run Honeycomb.  Same reeason that there are no custom HC roms and same reason no cheap phones or tabs will have Ice Cream any time soon.

ArturoCardiel 3 years ago

What happened with the IdeaPad Tablet A1, supposedly should be in the marketing since the beginning of this month.

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