Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Preview, Hands On Video

Lenovo's first business-class Android-based tablet has arrived. The ThinkPad Tablet comes with many of the features business users want from a tablet, including full encryption, remote wipe capabilities, productivity apps, VPN support, pen-based handwriting recognition technology, and more.

Running on Android 3.1, the ThinkPad Tablet comes preloaded with more than 25 free apps. Many of these apps will be useful to business users such as Documents to Go by DataViz, PrinterShare, Computrace Mobile by Absolute Software, and Citrix Receiver. With the optional digitizer pen, you can also take advantage of the preloaded MyScript Notes Mobile which lets you take notes, draw, and insert pictures...

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Preview

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OptimusPrimeTime 3 years ago

"Nice preview video, the Thinkpad is pretty quick and responsive, I also like the App wheel plus the plethora of inputs and the mini HDMI output. I just have a problem with the buttons. In games mostly that involve the accelerometer its likely to get touched accidentally too many times due to fact its the most likely scenario to hold the tablet horizontally. I like to use the IPad in pivot mode mostly when im holding it, but when I put in the table, I use it in wide mode, so no problem there. '

"Speaking of accelerometer, I noticed it did not kick in when it was being flip around in the begining, was it disabled? Anyhow, good preview, and the Pen should be included for the asking price and not sold separate for $30, I think its a bad move and something that Lenovo can easily afford to include."

BMagee 3 years ago

Nice video preview - Those interested in a great community on the web for the ThinkPad Tablet should stop by www.ThinkPadTabletForums.com. A great group of ThinkPad Tablet owners is there learning how to make the most of their new purchase.

rapid1 3 years ago

One thing that confuses me is this. IBM invented the slate/tablet years ago. Yes this is an Android, Arm processor model etc, but IBM/Lenovo invented the device space to begin with. SO I know it is different because of that cpu/OS combo, but if they invented the category (ThinkPad 700T) it is nowhere near there first.

Here is the FIRST http://www.theallineed.com/computers/10021916.htm

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