Kingston Tempts Corporate Users With DataTraveler 4000-Managed USB Flash Drive

There are flash drives, and then there's this. Kingston has had their feet in the entierprise market for years now, and while they're obviously responsible for a number of the more traditional USB keys, the newest is definitely meant for the pros. The company's new "Managed" government-level secure USB key is tailored for use by corporate customers, ones that simply cannot ever afford to have their mobile data in harm's way.

It offers high-end security from BlockMaster, and the company's calling the DataTraveler 4000-M Managed a "fully managed version of the company’s DataTraveler 4000 product. Specifically developed and priced for enterprise deployments." It uses the company's SafeConsole server software from BlockMaster, hardware-based encryption, full device-state management and plenty of other Bond-approved stats. It's capable of transferring data at up to 18MB/s (with a 10MB/s write rate), with capacities of 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB.

As for pricing? $62, $74, $103 and $195 in the order of mention; a price premium for sure, but nothing too terrible.
Via:  Business Wire
omegadraco 3 years ago

Maybe if more companies use these types of flash drives we will hear less stories about peoples personal information being lost. The price is definitely a premium but if the solution works then it is well worth it. At least they are not charging $500 for a 16GB drive.

rapid1 3 years ago

I doubt it Omega from what I have heard the very top end (talking dept of defense CIA level) of the USB auto log security keys were hacked a week or two back. I can guarantee you there higher level security than these are. I think what we will see is more massive data loss. As a hacker that goes in is not going to grab some records from the dumpster. He or She is going to grab the whole entire data base.

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