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Is Lenovo Prepping A 5-Inch Android Tablet?

Is Lenovo Prepping A 5-Inch Android Tablet?

Today's tablet market is filled with plenty of options from various manufacturers. Screen size is a key differentiating point between models and most of today's tablets offer a screen that ranges in size from 7 inches to about 10-inches. Although tablet users generally prefer these larger screens to the somewhat smaller screens found on smartphones, it appears that Lenovo believes there's a market for something in between.

According to a report from Engadget, Lenovo is working on a new Android-based tablet that will feature a 5-inch screen. With a smaller screen, the tablet is sure to be more portable than some of today's current models. Word on the web says this tablet will feature a dual-core processor, HDMI output, front-facing camera, and possibly three capacitive buttons. There aren't a lot of additional details available at this point.

Given the history of other small-screen tablets such as Dell's now discontinued Streak 5 tablet (which also had a 5-inch screen), we have to wonder if people want the portability of a smaller tablet, or if screen size trumps portability. We'd love to hear your thoughts below.

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So... It's a smart-phone without the phone? If it's cheap enough, sure, I'd imagine there would be a market for it. Get rid of the camera, and it would be a decent option for me to bring to work--I work in a secure facility, so anything with a camera is not permitted.

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For the past couple of years I’ve been anxiously waiting for manufacturers to start eating fish, become intelligent and understand that an Internet tablet is totally useless unless it fits in your pocket, and hoping that they would start making pocket size tablets, so that I can replace my outstanding but aging HP 2415 PDA.

Maybe this is the one? Only time will tell

Currently, I’m testing the SAMSUNG GALAXY 5 INCHES MEDIA PLAYER. I thought this would be the perfect machine, with Android 2.3.5, GPS, Bluetooth, battery consumption in airplane mode for music listening: only 1% per hour!!!, and all the goodies…

EXCEPT that this 5 inch Samsung media player has:

1) NO possibility whatsoever to connect to a TV: neither by HDMI NOR COMPOSITE, like the Archos 604.

2) The USB is stupidly limited to charging the machine and connecting it to a laptop. Period. There is NO possibility to hook a USB jump drive, nor an SD in a USB card reader on this micro USB port, NO possibility to connect a USB keyboard, etc., etc.

If Lenovo’s 5 inch machine has all of Samsung 5 inch Galaxy features plus a multifunction USB and a TV connection (whether HDMI or COMPOSITE, like the Archos 604), I’ll be the first to buy it and give my good old HP 2415 PDA a well deserved retirement.

Unfortunately, I just had a chat with a Lenovo representative who said that they are NOT planning to import this machine in the US. I advised him to tell his boss that they just missed a sale, because we must help our bosses to become intelligent: that's an act of charity...

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