In-Car Mobile DTV Tuner Shown At $499: Can Mobile DTV Take Off?

It was certified without making too much fuss (maybe because Americans don't really seem that fond of watching TV on the go?), but at any rate, the ATSC gave the green light to the Mobile DTV standard just a few months ago. The result? A new protocol for companies to jump on, and in the end, we should be looking at a range of channels that can be distributed over the air at high speeds for broadcasting content that's typically watched on full-size TVs to mobile devices.

Now, Concept Enterprises is showcasing what looks to be the first-ever Mobile DTV box made specifically for automotive installations, which would bring Mobile DTV signals to a car. It's designed to connected to any built-in or third-party monitor, and since it can handle signals even at high-speeds, you should be able to watch TV at highway speeds. Of course, Mobile DTV is only available in a few cities at the moment, but we're expecting the service to spread once it gains a little traction.

The Concept box is priced at $499, and we're assuming the signals would be free much like OTA signals are received by TV tuners today. Would you spring for that even if you could only watch when driving around the city? Seems like a pretty high asking price with portable video solutions running rampant.
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3vi1 5 years ago

I agree Shawn, the price needs to come way down. I don't think many people care about watching live TV in cars anyway. There's a screen in my wife's van and I've never once thought "Wow, I wish I could use that small screen to watch what I'm already DVR'ing at home".

I would hazard a guess that the large majority of people watching TV in cars are kids who just want to see the same Teletubby DVD again again anyway.

kid007 5 years ago

HAHAHAHH I soccer moms and soccer dad running around in a minivan watching tv, OH GOD i'm using public transportation!

acarzt 5 years ago

Signal at highway speeds huh? Will I still get signal when i'm blasting down the highway at 120mph in my Mustang?! :-D lol

I can see this becoming a feature offered in luxo vehicles in the future. I'd put it in my car if it wasn't so expensive.

realneil 5 years ago

TV in cars is a bad idea unless it's in the back seat and turned down. Talk about distracted driving,.........

This idea will bomb out due to crappy-bo-bappy signal issues.

gibbersome 5 years ago

Well two things:

1. If the signal is via Satellite, and reliable, this could work.

2. This would be good for passengers in the back seat or truck drivers taking a break.

fredyspears 3 years ago

It's like a pocket rocket you can have all the time! TV tuners is a must on a car, you can't enjoy TV viewing without a good reception! My car has antenna but gives a poor reception at high speed when I bolted Antenna Nut Socket  the tuning become responsive but satisfactory only.

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