Humble Indie Bundle Sells Lots, Windows Users Still Cheap

Avid Steam users and otherwise enthusiastic indie game players are well-acquainted with the Humble Indie Bundle, a semi-annual drive offering collections of independently released computer games for direct download, free of digital rights management (DRM). Two of these bundle drives have been completed thus far, raising over $1.25 million and $1.8 million in sales, respectively.

The third bundle drive is currently underway. and has already broken the $1 million mark. This is quite an impressive accomplishment, considering that customers are allowed to pay what they want for the entire package. Those that donate more than one cent (which is greeted with an image of a homeless-looking indie developer with a donation sign) are allowed to split their donation between the developers, the bundle organizers, Penny Arcade's Child's Play charity, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

While the bundles have done extremely well in the past, it seems that Windows users have repeatedly been the most reluctant to fork over their money: currently, with an average purchase price of $4.78, Windows users average $3.80, followed by Mac users with $6.61 and Linux users with $11.64, matching trends for the past two drives. Windows users do, however, account for the most money contributed.

The current bundle comes with the games And Yet It Moves, Cogs, Crayon Physics Deluxe, Hammerfight, and VVVVVV, as well as a bonus sixth game, Steel Storm, that has been added since the first few days of the drive. Purchasers will also have access to the paid version of Minecraft until August 14, and those that spend more than $4.94 (at time of writing) will also get all of the games from the last bundle. Steam codes are included for those looking to add the games to their Steam libraries.

The bundle will be available for another six days, so those looking to get in on a good deal while supporting indie developers and/or charities still have some time to do so... hopefully for a little more than $3.80.
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Inspector 3 years ago

Well hey mac users have the money, they are mostly adults or teens with jobs. Linux same, windows have lots of kids and more users so what do u expect? :P

3vi1 3 years ago

I don't expect kids to have credit cards or pay-pal to buy this. I'll bet that the Windows numbers are being brought down by a lot of asshat adults who only pay $0.01 - $1.00.

OSunday 3 years ago

I tried my best! I donated just above the mac users for my bundle! haha

AlexVSharp 3 years ago

I believe this is because a vast majority of Unix-base OS users would like to see more natively supported games for their respective platforms. Windows has been deemed the default PC gaming system by many AAA studios and as such already has a large number of available titles. To the contrary, Linux and Mac gaming is still pretty much struggling with only recently having received a couple of high-end games, one platform less then the other. Thus this is, in my opinion, at least one of the reasons why the current situation is as explained in the article above.

3vi1 3 years ago

This is true. As a Linux user, I had no problem paying $13 bucks x 2 for two copies.

Most Windows fanboys say that us 'freetards' won't pay for anything, but it's categorically untrue. I've bought plenty of full-price games via Steam that I play only under Linux. Linux to many of us is simply about not getting painted into proprietary corners, and not getting told how we may or may not access our own legally obtained data. Having easy access to a metric-@#$-load of free software via the package manager is just a bonus; We have no problem with supporting people that are supporting us.

It's not mentioned in this article, but if you already bought HIB3, or buy it now for greater than the average price, NOW YOU ALSO GET ALL THE HIB2 games (downloads + Steam and Desura codes). I already owned it, but I used the extra Steam code they gave me to install it for one of my kids. These guys are GREAT. Buy it today!

omegadraco 3 years ago

People should at least be paying $2 per game considering that is what a good quality App on the Apple store usually goes for.

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