HTC Thunderbolt 4G Android Smartphone Review

HTC was the first manufacturer to provide a 4G phone though a US carrier when it shipped the HTC EVO 4G from Sprint. At the end of last year, HTC promised it would once again be the first to 4G with another carrier. And days later, the company announced the Thunderbolt smartphone with Verizon Wireless. It's been a few months since the announcement, and although there were many rumored release dates for the phone, it only recently became available for consumers to purchase.

As the first 4G LTE device in the United States, the Thunderbolt is definitely a hot smartphone that many users can't wait to get their hands on. Not only does it boast of 4G speeds, but it also has a large 4.3-inch display, fast 1GHz Snapdragon processor, plenty of storage space, and the ability to share its fast connection with up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices through the Mobile Hotspot feature...

HTC Thunderbolt Android Smartphone Review

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omegadraco 3 years ago

In all honesty it looks and sounds almost exactly like the EVO just that it is meant for Verizon and their 4G LTE network versus Spring and their Wimax network. I know I want more battery life on my EVO I wonder how well they did with this in that respect. It is nice that they are beefing up the storage on these and that it comes with a 32GB card.

marco c 3 years ago

@Omega - Battery life data is in the article in the performance section.

Drake_McNasty 3 years ago

My sister has one of these and loves it. The only complaint I've heard is about the battery life which is a complaint about a lot of phones. Great review guys it seems like it does really well in all of the tests but I still want to wait to see how the Galaxy S II or the Bionic do before I get a new verizon phone. Plus I like to wait until the phones go down in price a little, 250 is a bit steep.

LLeCompte 3 years ago

rooting usually fixes battery life, for some reason HTC kernel burns through battery life like nothing. My MT4g has bad battery life until i rooted it and used setcpu.

inspector 3 years ago

Nice review. And like the work you guys put in to testing these like always :), Traveling to Boston to find a connection... :P. The speed test seems pretty good on the 4G network :)

rapid1 3 years ago

Hey Jenna Jameson has one too! These are nice, but how long before better comes out two weeks or two months. Either way this thing will be blown away by July. It is not like those new models won't be blown out of the water by probably next December or January it never stops from what I read yesterday Android units are activated at 350,000 a day, yep that is daily. Not that it is not a sweet phone this month!

marlinUX 3 years ago

We wanted to add in the results from our Marlin Mobile Android Phone Benchmarks. HTC Thunderbolt is the fastest Android phone on the market, but not by much. Read more about our performance benchmark and see what phones are on top and which ones are on the bottom.

Atticus14 3 years ago

I'm so hyped to switch to Verizon and get a new phone but I almost feel like its Galaxy SII or bust...its just a beast... waiting does kinda suck the time its finally released stateside we will be about 6 months away from quad-core tegra's according to nvidia.

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