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HTC First with Facebook Home Hands-On Video

HTC First with Facebook Home Hands-On Video

The HTC First went on sale this past Friday, to coincide with the availability of Facebook Home, the social networking giant’s launcher that puts Facebook content front and center on some Android devices. We’re hard at work cranking out our full review of the HTC First, but while that’s being worked on, we thought some of you would like to see some video of the phone in action.

If you’re unfamiliar with Facebook Home, it essentially replaces a phone’s home screen and app launcher with Facebook content that’s pumped in from your feed, and incorporates a handful of new chat-related, notification, and sharing features. HTC worked closely with Facebook on Home’s integration on the HTC First, which offers a few more features than the smattering of smartphones that are currently supported by the downloadable version of Facebook Home.

We’ll tell you more in the full review when it's posted in a few days. For now, here’s a clip of the HTC First with Facebook Home in action.

The HTC First’s main features include:

The HTC First’s specifications are as follows:

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decently specked phone and with stock android to boot. But i hear the overall opinion of facebook home is well... illl let google play do the talking

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