HP Hurricane To Run WebOS And Replace HP Slate

HP still hasn't officially closed their deal to acquire Palm, but already the company is reportedly planning big things for their newly collected mobile operating system. Android has found itself on quite a few tablet PCs, so it makes sense to think that WebOS, which is another robust mobile OS with native multi-tasking, would do likewise.

According to a new inside source listed at the Examiner, HP is already making big plans to replace the HP Slate that was reportedly put on hold indefinitely last week. Some are saying that the Windows 7-based HP Slate simply ran too slow, and adding CPU power would've hurt battery life too dramatically. Now that HP has WebOS, there's suddenly another option: put that onto a tablet.

The report states that a so-called HP Hurricane is already in the works, which will run WebOS and will otherwise look like a fairly standard tablet PC. No further details about the CPU, size, display, etc. were mentioned, but a hopeful Q3 debut date was outed. If true, HP could be in for a huge Q4 provided that they can ship the device prior to the holiday season.

Either way, we definitely hope to see HP expand WebOS in a way that Palm never could due to financial constraints, and with HP's expertise in the tablet/slate/PC arena, this seems like a perfect branching-out. Time will tell--Q3 isn't too far away.
Via:  Examiner
rapid1 4 years ago

This is exactly what I was expecting to the quarter. HP has so many resources that it eases the development to a great degree. Palm already has an OS which will run on any processor, and do it well in this (Tablet/Mobile) platform. I expect big things from this, I also expect these to put the iPad to shame in numbers when someone gets a (non-apple and therefore more open considerably) device and platform. HP/Palm could seemingly do this with ease. Maybe with one of the new Moorestown Atom chips or the 1.5 ARM processors, DDR3 or 5 even if they can get it, SSD HD, USB3 and or Esata 3 connector, and a any mobile Texas instruments communication chipset. TESLA 2. There are so many options right now which would fit this type of device. Of course some of those components are dreams, but that's what we want in a new product right.

realneil 4 years ago

So HP is now the 'Sugar Daddy' that Palm needed to blossom to it's full potential.

Hopefully their device will be affordable to the masses, unlike the 'Apple-Tax' laden IPads.

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