Google Testing Even Faster 'New Tab' Searches In Chrome Browser

Google Testing Even Faster 'New Tab' Searches In Chrome Browser

Many have pinned Google's meteoric success in the online search business to one primary thing: speed. The engineers at Google obsess over milliseconds, and it's because of that obsession that Google's products are generally top-shelf. Now, the company has announced that in its latest efforts to make searching and Internet browsing even faster, it's testing a new, smarter feature in its Chrome browser.

Last year, Google began testing a feature in Chrome to make searching from a new tab faster and simpler. If you're a beta user, you've probably seen this already, and evidently a lot of folks have provided useful feedback. Now, it's rolling out these small changes to a subset of non-beta users for Chrome on Windows, Mac and Chromebooks who have set Google as the default search engine.

Just open up a 'new tab,' search, and see if you notice any speed improvements. With each new tab, a new search bar should appear. Have a look and see what you think; it sounds like a small change, but small time savings can add up over the years.
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Now if only Google could follow their developers own advice and GZip their pages for faster delivery.

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