Gartner: PC Market Shows Signs Of Recovery

The PC market has been decidedly down as of late, as tablets in particular have taken a big chunk of the market share. Thus, many have been bemoaning the death of the PC while others (most of us at HH included) have been more optimistic about the future of the PC. Gartner has given reason for the latter view in a new report.

Projecting that computing devices overall (PCs, tablets, ultramobiles, and phones) should see a 4.2% increase in 2014, Gartner research director Ranjit Atwal added, "2014 will be marked by a relative revival of the global PC market.”

Lenovo M58e Desktop
Lenovo M58e Desktop

Granted, what that means is merely that the global PC market will see less loss--it won’t be seeing an actual uptick in shipments--but a drop of 2.9% in 2014 is much better than the more precipitous decline of 9.5% in 2013. Gartner believes that the numbers will come in large part from businesses who will (finally) upgrade their fleets from Windows XP-based machines.

Even so, there’s reason for optimism on the traditional, consumer desktop and notebook PC side, too; Gartner projects a slowing contraction there of 6.7% in 2014 and 5.3% in 2015. All of the above jibes with another recent report that PC sales will enjoy strong growth in the second half of this year.

Surely PC makers around the world would prefer that shipments grow instead of shrink, but at least the bleeding is slowing.
Via:  Gartner
JoshuaHeisenberg 5 months ago

Yea cause the consoles this "gen" suck ass lol

MichaelWorley 5 months ago

I don't think those statistics take into account those of us that upgrade our peecees rather than buying new ones from a major manufacturer. Taking the component market into account would probably skew those numbers rather dramatically.

Consoles only have one thing over PC, and it's the same thing they've had for years, dedicated content. The Halo series on xbox, Gran Turismo on PlayStation have been locked into their respective consoles forever, were they released on PC at the same time as the consoles get them, I suspect that would also skew the numbers.

nfs3freak 5 months ago

The new generation of consoles don't have any chance at the moment as there is too small a catalog of games for them. I just bought a ps4 and there are no games I want until Destiny. Any games on console right now that I want to play I've already played on PC and it runs better anyway.

I'm hoping this trend keeps up. The PC market should slowly pick up. The new steam machines and smaller form factor gaming PCs may help gain traction on the market again. More competition to bring down the prices and games better optimized on pc.

RyanHedrick 5 months ago

I think the biggest problem with the console market is that people only wait to buy the console either on launch day or when a major hit comes out. Afterwards there is always a slump.

PC sales have declined pretty drastically because the average consumer is much more informed with PC components and their costing. They'd rather build a system themselves than purchase a ready-made box from a big box store. Most components now a days are idiot proof and can only go in one way. I agree with you Michael that the component market would probably skew all the numbers substantially.

Wait until 4k gaming becomes the norm, there will be another rush of enthusiasts that drive down the cost for the average consumer and the market will PC market will surge again.

CurtisHanmer 5 months ago


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