GTA IV Steals Half A Billion In One Week

Grand Theft Auto IV sold six million copies in its first week alone, netting $500 million for its publisher, Take-Two Interactive. That's even better than the wildest estimates by industry pundits, and probably will make Electronic Arts' bid to purchase Take Two a whole lot more expensive.

The significance of the sales extends beyond buoying Take-Two, a company that has had its share of legal, financial and management struggles in the last few years. The company is the subject of a $2 billion hostile takeover effort by Electronic Arts, which is offering Take Two shareholders $25.74 a share for control of the company. If Take-Two can exceed sales expectations on Grand Theft Auto IV, it has the potential to drive up the share price and force Electronic Arts to raise its offer.

Electronic Arts is going to have to club a lot of extra hookers to save up enough money to buy Take Two now.
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Crisis Causer 6 years ago

It's even beaten the amount of money Halo 3 made in its first week.  Multiplatform really helped GTA IV here.  Plus with the high ratings, this game is gonna go down as one of the most famous ever.

And please, EA, stop being a monopoly.  Don't buy everyone... 

higgamo 6 years ago

 lol i think this is gonna make ea want take-two more, it seems they dont want to see other publisher making more money then them

ice_73 6 years ago

 ea is not inovative it publishes the same series over and over and over again.... (though take-two does it too, but in a much better way) i like to see new ip's like bioshock and other great games and not the same stuff over and over again. sure its nice to see a game you love be updated, or have a sequel but honestly after so many games from the same ip it starts to die down. though gta 4 is a great improvment from gta 3, there still is no real difference other than graphics and feel. and personally i liked gta 3 much more since that was the first 3d gta game 4 just uped the graphics.

mentaldisorder 6 years ago

 Hey man, I enjoy their line of NHL games.


I think GTA 4 should be revered as game of the year.  I'm hooked on it.

SqUiD267 6 years ago

 I still haven't played it, I might get it this summer.

vicaphit 6 years ago

So you don't mind buying the same NHL game every year?  Yay, the players have updated names now!!

Crisis Causer 6 years ago

Yeah, how often do you get an NHL game?  I have 2000, 2002, 2004, and 07.  I tried the demo of 08 but it didn't seem my cup of tea.  So far I'd say 2002 is the best, followed by 07. 

mentaldisorder 6 years ago

 I don't buy the game every year...I have 2002 on ps2 and I loved it.  I played '08 recently and it was alright, but I'll probably buy '09.

Der Meister 6 years ago

 One of the best games ever played

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