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Foxconn Reportedly Begins Testing Apple HDTV Designs

Foxconn Reportedly Begins Testing Apple HDTV Designs

Given all the rumors, it almost seems a foregone conclusion that Apple will at some point launch its own brand television set. It was the same situation with the iPad; rumors persisted for what seemed like an eternity before it became a reality, and now it appears an Apple TV is imminent. In fact, a news outlet in Taipei claims that Apple's manufacturing partner Hon Hai Precision (Foxconn) has already begun testing different Apple brand TVs.

An anonymous source at Foxconn describes the testing as an "initial phase," adding that shipments aren't likely to occur anytime soon, and perhaps not even in 2013. That's a bit disappointing, given how long the rumor of an Apple brand TV has been floating around the Internet.

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Details are light, but Apple's HDTVs are said to range from 46 inches to 55 inches. It's not yet been determined which company will supply the necessary LCD panels, though a source did say that Sharp wouldn't necessary be the exclusive supplier, since other LCD makers are equipped to handle 46-inch and 55-inch panels.

The time frame indicated by the latest rumor coincides with comments made by Apple SVP of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue, earlier this summer. He said at the time that it was unlikely Apple would enter the HDTV market in the near future.
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I can see it now. You'll try to watch Sopranos and it'll show you Gossip Girl instead.

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Haha, good one RWilliams.

I think it's a solid move for Apple. The more products you have, the more your die hard fans are going to buy. Now they can talk on their iphones, come home to their macbooks, and enjoy a good episode of Gossip Girl while doing it.

Microsoft has been attempting to do this for years, and just has never made it as fluid or attractive as Apple has.

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I wonder if LG will supply the panels like they do for their monitors.

I'm sure this is bound to go from rumor to reality eventually but I'm most curious to see how they'll be able to price and sell these. I find that a lot of Apple fans don't know much about technology, and over time you can convince someone to save up for a $1000 iMac laptop or such, but when it comes to things like their $1000 monitors, those don't sell as much to "Apple Fans" as they do to professionals who use Apple products. If their 24-27 inch displays cost, that much, how ridiculously expensive is a 44-55 inch TV going to be considering it won't only be a television but a smart television as well?

And with the potential for such a high price point for consumers and not much value for professionals will anyone who doesn't just have a ton of money to throw around for a new TV be able to justify or afford buying an Apple TV?

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