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Facebook-Integrated Skype v5.5 Exits Beta, Available To Download For Windows

Facebook-Integrated Skype v5.5 Exits Beta, Available To Download For Windows

Just as soon as Facebook and Skype announced their major integration deal a few weeks back, Skype for Windows v5.5 Beta hit the download page. Now, the final version is here: Skype 5.5 for Windows is available for download, and based on user feedback since the June beta, there have been a number of updates that the company says warrant an upgrade.

The Skype 5.5 for Windows update comes with a deeper Facebook integration. Without having to leave Skype, you can check out when your Facebook friends are online and instant message with them from the new Facebook Contacts Tab (located in between the Skype and Recent Contacts tabs). You can also view and update your Facebook status and even view comments or 'like' posts from your Facebook Wall, directly from Skype Home.

They also improved the controls for video and group video calls for Windows, enhanced video call reliability and made several design changes to improve overall experience. Plus for all the emoticon fanatics, the Skype emoticons have received an update, with smoother animations that stand out.
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This. This is why I despise Microsoft's business guys.

They bought a very nice cross-platform video chat app (Skype), which works perfectly fine with Mac and Linux. Then, they did a deal with a social chat service (Facebook) that also works perfectly fine on Mac and LInux. The end result? A product that only works with Windows. If that's not artificial lock-in, I don't know what is.

The Google+ video chat works on all platforms.

Mark my words:  Microsoft's next move will be to work with Facebook so that they get video chat working with (and *only* with) Windows Mobile 7.  Then, they'll come out with some add campaign touting how it works with WM7 and not Android!  (never letting the users know that it's only true due to their backroom deals). 

Facebook will go along for the ride because they don't want Google to steal their empire... never seeing the end-game where Microsoft releases their own social-networking site (socl.com) to take FB's users.

I want another round of anti-trust investigation... or at least to stir up enough noise that they abandon their path and allow all platforms to compete equally.

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