Dish Network Said To Be Prepping Netflix Rival

In April, Dish Network acquired Blockbuster. Since then, there has been plenty of speculation as to what Dish would do with Blockbuster and its assets. We already know Dish will keep 600 Blockbuster stores open, and now we're learning of other possible plans.

Word has it that Dish Network is planning to roll out a streaming service using the Blockbuster brand that will compete with Netflix. To offer this service, Dish plans to use an existing infrastructure that currently delivers on-demand movies to its customers.

The new service could offer classic and archive movies as well as newer, on-demand titles that are currently available to Dish Network subscribers. The new service is also expected to include Starz. Combine this rumor with Blockbuster’s current relationships with movie studios, and Dish Network has the potential of offering a larger library than Netflix. Pricing for the new service has yet to be announced.

Via:  Yahoo
realneil 3 years ago

Dish network is no player in the market. They remain overpriced and their tech support is useless.

omegadraco 3 years ago

While I welcome another player in the market for movie streaming. I am not sure that Dish network will be able to pull it off. For me Netflix does not have enough of the newer movies that are for rent available for streaming so if Dish network with Blockbuster could achieve that I would consider subscribing. If they continue to offer Blockbusters DVD by mail with streaming though they need to revamp their plans for locations that do not have a brick and mortar stores locally anymore.

RTietjens 3 years ago

Having suffered through 2 years of Dish's abysmal customer service, there's no way in Hell I would sign up for anything else with them. The day we shut off Dish was a great day for both our TV reception and our Internet access.

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