Digital Storm’s Black|OPS Desktop Gains 4.4GHz Core i7-980X

Digital Storm has been fighting tooth and nail to make a name for themselves in the gaming desktop area, and there's hardly a better way to do that than by putting the world's fastest CPU into one of their desktops. And then overclocking it.

The company's massive Black|OPS desktop is now available to order with Intel's Core i7 980X Extreme Edition, but rather than running at the stock 3.3GHz speed, this one can be tuned up to 4.4GHz. There's no question that this 32nm chip will turn out some serious benchmarks, but those extreme results will require extreme cash. The Extreme configuration has a base price of $5,642, easily making it one of the most expensive desktops in the world today. Anyone ponying up?

Digital Storm’ Black ¦OPS Gaming PC Integrates World’s Fastest CPU at 4.4GHz

Ultimate gaming PC updated with Intel’s lighting-fast Core i7 980X Extreme Edition processor

Fremont, Calif. – (March 16, 2010) – Digital Storm, the predominant name in system integration, proudly announces a hardware update to its Black|OPS gaming systems. Now gamers can configure the Black|OPS machine with Intel’s first consumer hexa-core processor, the Core i7-980X Extreme Edition.

With the addition of the 32nm Core i7-980X processor, also known as Gulftown, gamers can effortlessly run up to 12 computing threads at once, a feat that was once unimaginable. Intel’s’ new processor features an impressive 12MB L3 cache, which helps streamline operation by limiting the number of times the CPU needs to access DDR3 memory. The Core i7-980X has a clock speed of 3.33GHz, making it as fast as any processor Intel has ever created.

“The introduction of a six core processor with hyper threading capabilities is a momentous occasion for gaming enthusiasts,” remarked Rajeev Kuruppu, Digital Storm’s Director of Product Development. “With our TwisterBoost overclocking package, we can overclock the i7-980X to a record breaking 4.4GHz. The results we’ve recorded on our test bench have been nothing short of astounding. I can honestly say that our Black OPS machines with this new CPU resulted in the most impressive gaming experience I’ve ever had.”

Digital Storm’s Black|OPS systems with Intel’s Core i7-980X Extreme Edition are currently available for purchase at The Extreme configuration has a base price of $5,642 & each Digital Storm system comes with a 3 year parts and labor warranty, including replacement parts, and lifetime customer support.
Via:  Digital Storm
rapid1 4 years ago

Very nice configuration and setup (components etc), the price seems a bit on the high end though. Either way for those who can afford it I am sure they'll be happy with it.

gibbersome 4 years ago

In addition to benchmarks, gamers are also interested in stability and efficiency. I would love to see this computer reviewed and battle tested!

cheezit 4 years ago

I'm still waiting to see a 5970 crossfire review. *hint hint*

infinityzen 4 years ago

Well at least they water cooled the GPUs, unlike the Alienware system.

inspector 4 years ago

This is the next sweepstakes prize Wink lol

Everyone is competing with each other to get the highest stable clocking and its just getting higher and higher, Next is 4.5 :P lol

la_guy_10 4 years ago

Yea I am waiting to see that 5970 duel crossfire setup as well:) I think that setup will run with the best of them although this Digital Storm set up is nothing to scoff at although we do not know what GPU they will use.

mentaldisorder 4 years ago

Wow, that is an absolutely beautiful rig. I love how everything is actually black, except for the silver water cooling hoses. That looks fantastic and gives me ideas for my next build, whenever it may be.

Nethersprite 4 years ago

I agree. This thing is, in spite of (or perhaps because of) its Spartan, industrial design, one of the most beautiful computers I have ever seen. Opening optical drive covers would have helped (so the whole front is that nice black brushed aluminium) but not bad at all.

inspector 4 years ago

Mental i say the same, The case is nice but the water cooling hoses make it look even better! its like snakes in there Wink

mentaldisorder 4 years ago

Reminds me of some sci-fi scene with some liquid nitrogen hoses or something.

animatortom 4 years ago

Love the look, yet the price is over the top. Where will this compare in six months? If it could be configured for half the price as a Workstation, maybe?

blazarcher 4 years ago

This is truly a KICKASS product lol. Gotta love that Black and White contrast... Too bad it's in such an ugly case xD j/k The Corsair 800D ain't that bad. I'd much prefer it be placed in a Lian Li case. Digital Storm really go out of their way to allow for lots of customization. So simply requesting a different case should be OK with them.

Honestly though in my opinion a 4.4 OC isn't that GREAT of an overclock on a 980X. They could have easily gone with a near 5 GHZ overclock considering the 980X's amazing O/C potential. 

I believe TimeToLiveCustoms' youtube page has a video showing a 980X aircooled and managing a 4+ O/C easily.

Xolso 4 years ago

Jesus, this PC is overkill, but i'm sure it's worth the $5,642, no really. I'd kill for a PC this powerful.

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