Dell Responds To SSD Rumors

Avian Securities recently reported that a major systems player was experiencing an extremely high return rate of computer products shipped with solid state drives (SSDs).  Shortly after the story broke it was widely rumored that the company in question was none other than Dell.  Of course not all reports circulating the internet completely accurate, and some are simply bogus.

Thankfully this seems like a case of the latter and Dell wants to set the record straight:

"Here's the real story: the 20 - 30% failure and return rates cited by Avian Securities don't even vaguely resemble what's happening in our business. It's also true that Avian did not contact us while doing their research. Said another way, it's just not true.

Our global reliability data shows that SSD drives are equal to or better than traditional hard disk drives we've shipped. Beyond that, return rates for SSDs are in line with our expectations for new technology and an order of magnitude better than rates reported in the press."

And Dell Corporate Communications representative Anne Camden was quick to provide us with truth about their experiences with SSDs in a recent news commentary thread, and even went on to detail Dell's vision of how SSDs fit into their vision of the future of computing:

"Dell sees SSD as the future of mobility storage and offers the technology across a wide variety of laptop models, including business, consumer and mobile workstations. Second Generation SSDs, like Samsung’s SATA II Drive, actually outperform existing notebook drives. Dell is offering this drive (called the Dell Flash Ultra Performance SSD) across our laptop portfolio."

Given Dell's industry leading position, we find it encouraging that they are clearly backing the still fledgling technology of solid state hard disks.
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AjayD 6 years ago

Good to know the exorbitant failure rates were inaccurate. Irrespective of how newfangled SSDs may be, I still think they are overpriced, especially given their limited capacities.

On a side note, Samsung sure has exploded onto the scene recently. Not only have they become huge with their ram, but also HDs and SSDs and even their line of home electronics is beginning to rival Sony's. Not to mention all of their cell phones.

frg1 6 years ago

ssd is indeed pricy but as the years go by they will drop in price and probably get smaller too

Anonymous 6 years ago

I really do not get it why the prices haven't dropped at all.What is the reason to launch drives that have aprox. 1TB of data,SSD,if people do not buy drives that have at least 100GB?

ice91785 6 years ago
I hear you Ajay...I have noticed the same trend with SAMSUNG--those eastern people sure know how to make great electronics! I actually (when buying electronics--namely TVs) look for Samsung branded stuff often times just for the simple fact that they are as good as Sony (if not bettter) in many cases and are many times quite a bit less expensive.

They are doing well in the SSD market also I believe as I recenetly read a figure that states something like 1 out of every 5 SSD drives purchased (directly or indirectly) is a SAMSUNG drive; this was a few months back so that could have changed....
willardcw4 6 years ago

A lot of SSDs arn't even as fast as 7200 RPM HDs... I think the technology will ultimately take over (no moving parts), but still isn't there yet... and its freakin expensive!

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