Barnes & Noble Makes Nook Available At Best Buy

Barnes & Noble plans to sell its Nook eBook reader at Best Buy starting April 18th. The specialty bookstore chain is expanding the distribution of the $259.99 Nook as it faces growing competition from Apple's iPad. The deal between Best Buy and Barnes & Noble will put the Nook in 1,070 Best Buy stores and will also place Barnes & Noble's BN eReader software on some of the personal computers and smartphones the electronics retailer sells.

The deal with Best Buy will not only increase the Nook's availability (previously it was only available through Barnes & Noble's website and in 723 of its bookstores), but it will also improve the eBook reader's ability to compete with the recently launched Apple iPad, which functions as an ereader among other things. Best Buy and Apple stores currently are the only locations that carry the iPad.

"This partnership provides them (Barnes & Noble) with an additional distribution channel, which is critical to driving sales of the Nook," said Michael Souers, an analyst with Standard & Poor's Equity Research.

Best Buy also currently sells Sony's Reader, another major player in the ereader market. The final major player in the ereader market is Amazon's Kindle, which is only available through the Amazon website.

Via:  Reuters
irshwsky 4 years ago

I couldn't wait to buy the IPad. I;m glad I did my research, because you cannot download E-books from your public Libraries with the IPad. The IPad uses the same OS as the IPhone which is not compatible with Adobe's Digital Editions software. The IPad WILL download PAID FOR E-Books from the Apple Book Store, but not from your Public Library....Looks like Corporate Greed is still king.

The Nook works perfectly with Public Libraries and is half the price of the IPad. I think I'll save my money and buy a Nook.

Marius Malek 4 years ago

I wonder how much longer eBooks or eReaders will stay on the market. I remember explaining before, that if people have an electronic device, then chances are they will want some multi-functionality out of it. 

Take the evolution of the mp3 player for example. The originals could only play Cassettes, then we evolved to CD's, and then finally digital media. 

Wasn't this the product that Oprah advertised on her show? 

RyuGTX 4 years ago

Ellen DeGeneres promoted the Nook while Oprah promoted the Amazon Kindle.

animatortom 4 years ago

RyuGTX.....You watch Ellen and Oprah? :P LOL

Than what would you need a gaming PC for?

260 for a book reader? That's just a little much. In a couple years, like I have said before. These things will be cheap stuff sold at airport bookstores for less than a fiddy :) I never understood the price, since these things are essentially just a touchscreen and an SSD.

I think most people would buy these things if they brought down the price to a reasonable level, so people don't feel to bad when they buy one for the three bills. Then end up dropping it and cracking the screen the next week.

The price is still high because they are hoping people buy them just because Oprah and Ellen tell you to. I bet they even come with an Oprah book of the month, then you must buy the subscription after that.

Marius Malek 4 years ago

[quote user="RyuGTX"]

Ellen DeGeneres promoted the Nook while Oprah promoted the Amazon Kindle.


Don't you just love it when Oprah's fans just start kicking and screaming? I swear they inject something in the air on that show. 

acarzt 4 years ago

I bought a Nook for my lady, and she loves it.

It think it's a sweet little peice of hardware. Has a couple bugs to work out tho. Hopefully those will come with updates.

realneil 4 years ago

My daughter Had a Kindle, and her husband got her a Nook last month for her birthday. So she boxed up the Kindle and sent it to me. While I probably wouldn't have bought this for myself, I'm glad to have it and I think it's cool. I use it all of the time, (many books are free to download) and no, animatortom, dropping it is not an option. I find myself being very careful with it.

My daughter has had a few issues with the Nook too.

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