Australia’s Telestra Hits 300Mbps Wireless Speeds With LTE-A Technology

For many, hopping onto an LTE network feels like the future. It's so vastly superior to older 3G networks that the difference in speed is astounding, but as technology goes, good enough never truly is. LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) is already being tested in some parts of the world, making a beeline for developed nations whose mobile data users can't get enough. This week, Telsta (an Australian carrier) and Ericsson (an equipment provider) worked together in order to help a live network approach 300Mbps. And we're talking about a mobile network here, not a wireline network.

The feat was accomplished using Ericsson's LTE-A software, as Telstra "combined 20 MHz of 1800-MHz spectrum with 20 MHz of 2.6-GHz spectrum to achieve headline speeds of 300 Mbps." In the future, Telstra wants to apply carrier aggregation technology to the coveted 700MHz digital dividend spectrum once the nation switches over from analog to digital TV signls (as the United States already has).

To date, Telstra joins just SK Telecom (in South Korea) and EE (in the United Kingsom) in announcing public LTE-A trials. In stands to reason that LTE-A could be used as one's home connection if the infrastructure is there, and hopefully, it'll scale to the point of being affordable as well. 
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CritVanTuyl one year ago

Why not here in the USA where some of us think we are so great?

Dave_HH one year ago

To be fair, Intel and others are working on a technology that involves multi-carrier aggregation of standard LTE that would allow 150Mbps in 2014 and 300Mbps sometime beyond that.

MikeCammisa one year ago

The us is so far behind everyone else on infrastructure is not funny

RicoFrost one year ago

Telstra just sold the copper network to the gov to help with the national broadband network (NBN) for billions, only to then release something faster then NBN.

NBN was going to be fibre to you house but now its fibre to your street then copper to you house. They made billions from that deal and then Telstra spent that money on their wifi network.

Our gov is so smart here.....

PS we are ranked 40th in the world for internet speed.

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