Apple Presents: Gone In 120 Seconds

Security researcher Charlie Miller attended the CanSecWest Pwn2Own hacker challenge hoping to make a little money, I'm sure. But I doubt even he had any idea that he could compromise a MacBook Air laptop in two minutes flat and collect a $10,000 prize. Maybe Apple should stop using the picture of the fruit as a logo, and go with an "Easy Button" instead.

The contest, which pits security researchers against three fully patched computers—VAIO VGN-TZ37CN running Ubuntu 7.10, Fujitsu U810 running Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 and MacBook Air running OSX 10.5.2—began on Mar. 26, but after the first day, there were no attempts to use a remotely exploitable pre-auth vulnerability to claim a $20,000 prize.

On the second day, when the attack surfaces were increased to allow exploitation of default installed client-side applications (following a link through e-mail, vendor-supplied IM client or visiting a malicious Web site),  Miller pounced early and claimed the $10,000 prize.

I wonder if Steve Jobs makes $5,000 a minute? He seems pretty bright. Maybe Steve could make it over to CanSecWest today and compromise one of the Windows Vista or the Linux Ubuntu machines and make a little money. They're still uncracked.
Via:  eWeek
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werty316 6 years ago

What a better way than to test out am OS's security than to run a hacking contest LOL 

Anonymous 6 years ago
Why does this suprise anyone.. Most IT and security professionals knew all along apple has what is called security by obscurity. Now that there a bleep on the radar there will be flaws found like every other OS. I have to admit it is nice to see the windows Vista machine still standing as Microsoft has really had their share of bad press it would be nice to see something positive published about vista.
ice91785 6 years ago

We do stuff like this through our school -- usually participating are the graduate students. We gather a pretty good handful of colleges in the area and have a competition to see who can aquire the most points (get points by allowing good users in keeping bad users out). The "red" team is the hackers and they are security professional that really know their stuff........anyway i heard its a lot of fun and its sponsered obviously be a large security firm to discover vulnerabilities and such.

With Mac gaining on bits and pieces of market share they better come up with a little better security policies. They are no longer a computer you purchase because there is hardly any security issues with them (as they were in the past) so HUP to it Mac!

frg1 6 years ago

 that competion sounds fun but i wonder which machine will go next linux or windows

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