Apple Gets Upset With Ellen's iPhone Spoof Commercial

The Mac vs. PC debate has been raging for as long as the two have existed in the same market, but if there's one thing you can say for certain about Apple, it's that the company hates to see their image tarnished. It's why the company is going after Gawker Media so hard for the lost next generation iPhone, and it's why they carefully plan their marketing schemes in a way that no other company does.

So when Ellen, a famed comedian and talk show host in the U.S., decided to create her own iPhone 3GS spoof commercial and show it on national television, it didn't take long for Apple's team to contact Ellen's team. Shortly after the spot aired, Apple contacted Ellen's show with a gripe: her spoof made it seem as if the iPhone were difficult to use, which is exactly what Apple doesn't want anyone to think.

To be fair, the iPhone actually is easier to use than Ellen's commercial made it seem, but it was quite obvious she was kidding. Not so obvious to Apple, though. Check out the video below to draw your own conclusions.

Via:  Ellen Show
acarzt 4 years ago

Looks like they struck some fear in to ellen's heart lol I wonder how many lawyers they sent to get that effect? lol

3vi1 4 years ago

They probably told the network they were going to pull all their advertising $, and the network told Ellen they would pull her show if that happened.

WixosTrix 4 years ago

I doubt they threatened to pull Ellen's show. I'm sure her show pulls in more money than Apple gives them seeing as there are other commercials airing during her show. The most that would have probably happened is that she would be responsible for any money they'd have to pay Apple had they sued.

This shows that Apple recongnizes that Ellen has a huge influence on people.

Chainzsaw 4 years ago

LOL @ Apple.

This just makes them look like they are quite uptight...

Anyways, it wasn't even very funny what Ellen did though. I mean she tried to be funny, but she/they could have made it much better.

Imagine if her joke was more about flash...that would have been funnier.

realneil 4 years ago

Apple gets their panties in a bunch over anything. They're as bad a the 'politically correct' police.

ClemSnide 4 years ago

The thing is, Ellen had a point. Being of aged (and otherwise damaged) eyes myself, I also have trouble texting on my iPod-- or doing anything that requires the keyboard. Web browsing? Fuhgeddaboudit. Maube Opera Mobile will have some legs, but knowing developers, I doubt it.

As Ellen (one of my favorite comediennes-- she has the best comedic timing of anyone) pointed out, this is not exclusive to the iPhone; she might as well have been doing it about the Android or Palm phone OSes. They try to display lots of information on the screen at once and wind up shrinking it down so much that people like me need to carry magnifiers just to use them.

The difference is that the iDevices showed such great promise for low-vision users that it's a shame they haven't fulfilled it. I also expected it from Google, but wasn't too surprised when they went down the same tired UI path as everyone else. Windows? Hah! Apple has had a better track record, and I still hope for the two missing pieces of the iDevice puzzle (handwriting input and user-controlled typefaces), partly so that I won't have to carry both my iPod Touch and Newton MessagePad around.

oblio211 4 years ago

Funny, Apple can make fun at PCs in their commercials but when some ridicules them they cry, threaten people, sue, etc.

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