Another Foxconn Worker Falls Off Building and Dies

Nobody seems to know what's going on at Foxconn's China operations, only that something isn't right. According to a Reuters report, yet another Foxconn worker has fallen off a building and died, prompting speculation as to the real cause. Depending on who you listen to, this is either the seventh (Reuters) or ninth (DigiTimes) time an employee has fallen from a Foxconn dormitory to his death.

Foxconn, who some of you might remember for its own-branded motherboards and videocards before switching focus to serving customers like Apple and Sony Ericsson, has come under fire for the welfare of its employees after what some have speculated are a spate of suicides. Whether or not that's the case with this latest incident isn't yet known (again, depending on who you ask), but that's something the police are investigating, according to the official Xinhua news agency.

If all this isn't bizarre enough, DigiTimes is reporting that the victim was found with four knife wounds to the chest, adding that local police have indeed ruled it a suicide saying that the wounds were self-inflicted.

Foxconn owns a factory base in Shenzhen where some 300,000 employees work in around the clock shifts producing parts and devices for some of the world's biggest computer and phone companies.
Via:  Reuters
twistedfate 4 years ago

Really.. no more foxconn for me

JoelB 4 years ago

twistedfate: That might be a little difficult, considering a lot of stuff is made by foxconn but rebranded...

inspector 4 years ago

LOL its not difficult for him, he doesn't use electronics :P... lol (Ya that didn't make sense seeing he is posting on an electronic :D)

But the count rises! lets see how high it can go!

rapid1 4 years ago

just boycott Apple and Sony Ericsson and you will pretty much be done with 60% of there products.

rapid1 4 years ago

Specifically anything starting with an i such as Pad, Phone, or POD.

bob_on_the_cob 4 years ago

Man this really is sad. I hope that this is indeed the last one.

realneil 4 years ago

Yes Bob, these are people who have serious problems and felt that they had no other way out of them except to end their lives. Myself, I couldn't imagine killing myself over a job, but they have an entirely different culture over there, where they could 'lose face' over getting fired, and 'losing face' is the worst thing that could ever happen in the Asian culture.

Whatever the motivation for it, someone should be taking a hard look at Foxconn's business practices and treatment of it's employees to figure it out.

Joel H 4 years ago

Maybe its part of an innovative Darwinian corporate optimization approach. "Company salaries will be drawn from a pool and divided amongst workers. For every one of you who commits suicide, everyone else's salary goes up."

moethelawn 4 years ago

Maybe he was blown away by the new iPhone....

Seriously though, that's unfortunate and realneil brought up a very interesting point about losing face. It's certainly possible. Whatever may be the cause, I hope these deaths stop.


ClemSnide 4 years ago

You'd also have to stop using lots of the motherboards out there which use Foxconn components. But I guess most of you don't use motherboards, so you're OK.

>the victim was found with four knife wounds to the chest, adding that local police have indeed ruled it a suicide saying that the wounds were self-inflicted.

In New Jersey, it would be listed as "natural causes."

Many people would see the suspiciously high death rate (from whatever reason) at Foxconn as a problem. I've always said that when you have one problem, it's bad; when you have two, they solve each other. So here's my humble proposal:

Make the executives at British Petroleum work at Foxconn.

eunoia 4 years ago


eunoia 4 years ago


Super Dave 4 years ago

[quote user="eunoia"]Again, it needs to be brought up that Foxconn's suicide rate is much lower than Chinese in general, and probably average in every way.[/quote]

So how many more Foxconn suicides are acceptable before someone sounds the alarm, eunoia?

eunoia 4 years ago


Super Dave 4 years ago

[quote user="eunoia"]For whatever reason, you seem convinced Foxconn is abusing their employees, or have reason to try hard to convince others this is the case.  The facts presented do not bear this out in any way whatsoever. Maybe if you keep hammering away at this like you have been, you may be able to start an epidemic of suicides there. I hope you don't succeed.[/quote]

This is the first time I have ever been accused of attempting to start an epidemic of suicides. But anyway, I'm going to repost what was in the other article, just in case you missed it:

Employment practices

In June 2006, allegations of Foxconn operating abusive employment practices came to light as reported by Mail that were later denied by Foxconn.Devil[7] Apple launched an investigation into such claims.Music The result was that the claims of mistreatment of employees were judged by the Apple inspection team to be largely unfounded, but the inspection team also discovered that at peak production times some of the employees were working more hours than Apple's acceptable "Code of Conduct" limit of 60 hours, and 25% of the time workers did not get at least one day off each week.[9] These same workers complained there was not enough overtime in off peak periods. The auditing team also found that workers had been punished by being made to stand at attention for long periods,[10] and that all junior employees are subjected to military-style drill.[11]

Foxconn admitted it makes workers do an extra 80 hours overtime per month while the local labor law only permits 36 hours[12] Foxconn sued Wang You and Weng Bao of China Business News, the journalists responsible for revealing these practices, for $3.77 million and filed a successful court ruling to have the journalists' assets frozen.[13] Some disagree with the demands and the court ruling.[14] Reporters Without Borders sent a letter to Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs to implore Foxconn to drop the case.[15] Later Foxconn reduced the demand to a symbolic 1 yuan (12 U.S. cents), withdrew the request to freeze the journalists' personal assets, and initiated legal proceedings to sue their employer.

^The above excerpt was ripped from Wikipedia. You can read the entire entry HERE



eunoia 4 years ago


Super Dave 4 years ago

[quote user="eunoia"]The problem, of course, as widely written, is that when newspapers report irresponsibly, they force the employers to defend themselves by either spending all their time in court or by imposing press bans, neither of which will improve working conditions in Shenzen.[/quote]

That would be the kind of statement I would expect from a company lawyer. You believe the problem is that the newspapers report irresponsibly, and not that Foxconn is being irresponsible! 

eunoia 4 years ago


Super Dave 4 years ago

I see that we aren't going to change each other's view, eunoia, and I compliment you for doing your homework on this subject. I'm going to link to one last article before I quit this subject: "Should You Feel Guilty Owning An iPhone?"

animatortom 4 years ago

That's what is called a Chinese suicide!

Since they all work for the peoples party, they don't even have a say in their death either ( a form of universal health care that has been around for a while). Since Opium was outlawed by murder a long time ago, I am sure he wasn't having a bad trip and trying to fly! Or was he trying to staple the wings on with a knife.

It amazes me how people can easily dismiss one persons life, and still hold people like Mao in such high regards! Who will be around to notice, since it is starting to happen here. All it will take are the people to forget the last political purges (70+ Million). Tell the kids its not so bad join the world workers party, then pass Net neutrality and the "America Power Act"! Then, to get rid of anyone who might remember how any of it worked in the past, just deny health care. Or get the minions to report them and say "You need to further your education!". Soon they will be on trains to nowhere, and these Chinese suicides will be common place and no one will notice!

Joel H 4 years ago

It's unfortunate this problem ISN'T hitting the Foxconn motherboard team. That would be a blessing for the rest of us. I have to say, though, it's a bit arrogant of us to look down our noses at these suiciders.

Sure, it's stupid. Sure, it's insane. But it's the culture these people were both raised in *and* are explicitly embracing. These aren't kids throwing themselves off buildings; they're rational adults--and the will to live is universal among pretty much any species on earth. It's unfair to drop the cause of these actions squarely on Foxconn alone, but I'm not sure how much leeway we have to criticize if we're going to simultaneously cling to pandering statements about how the Chinese (or whoever) has such a right to their cultural practices and mores. You can't really have it both ways.

AKwyn 4 years ago

I'm not exactly one of the ones to feel guilt or emotion but I don't know. With the rough work conditions Foxconn are putting them through and the fact that people are killing each other in this place. Kind of reminds me of a Nazi camp. I don't know, people should not be oppressed this way, I should not have to feel guilty for buying an iPhone or any other products that Foxconn manufactures. I know it's made with the blood and tears of people who don't get any sleep or food but I just don't want that to inhibit the senses of anything that's manufactured by Foxconn. I don't know if it's the companies or Foxconn that's making people do this but I just think they need to do something. Treat people better, open a new factory. If only it was so easy.

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