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Amped Wireless AV3000 Brings Your A/V Components Online

Amped Wireless AV3000 Brings Your A/V Components Online

Networking solutions are a dime-a-dozen these days, but Amped Wireless has a new solution that's actually far more useful and practical than most. The company's new A/V Net Connect is a home Wi-Fi network bridge for audio and video devices, enabling network connectivity for things like Blu-ray players, game consoles and TVs. The AV3000, as it's known, basically eliminates the need to run long, unsightly Ethernet cords to each and every component in your house that needs an Internet connection. Game consoles and other set-top boxes around the TV come to mind; they need to be online, but it's rare to find an Ethernet port near your TV.

This particular box uses five Ethernet ports, so that up to five non-networked devices can be brought online. It'll work with most 802.11b/g/n wireless routers, and it also features a 300Mbps 802.11n wireless bandwidth channel for streaming HD media. The box should be available soon for around $99.99, which sure beats laying miles and miles of Ethernet cord.


Amped Wireless A/V Net Connect: Home WiFi Network Bridge for Audio and Video Devices provides home network connectivity for your Internet-ready A/V devices such as Blu-ray players, game consoles and televisions.

Chino Hills, CA – Amped Wireless is a leading manufacturer of high power, long range wireless (Wi-Fi and Cellular) consumer and business communication products for the home and office. The AV3000 Amped Wireless A/V Net Connect Home WiFi Network Bridge for A/V Devices connects your Internet-ready audio and video devices, such as Blu-ray players, game consoles, Internet-ready TVs and more, to your home WiFi network for Internet access. The A/V Net Connect eliminates the need to run Ethernet cables to your media center by creating a connection to your home WiFi network using built in WiFi amplifiers to ensure a reliable connection that’s fast enough for HD media streaming and online gaming. The A/V Net Connect connects to your A/V devices using the five (5) Ethernet ports on the back panel. In addition, the A/V Net Connect also boosts and repeats the WiFi signal from your home WiFi network so that other WiFi enabled A/V devices can connect to the A/V Net Connect for a more reliable connection.

Key Features

Connects up to 5 Wired A/V Devices
Connect up to 5 wired A/V devices directly to the A/V Net Connect.
Works with Wireless A/V Devices
Connect any WiFi enabled A/V devices to the A/V Net Connect for a stronger, faster link to your home WiFi network. The A/V Net Connect repeats the signal from your home WiFi network to provide a more powerful connection with the use of high power WiFi amplifiers.
Smart Security / Parental Control Features
Smart security features allow you to restrict access to specific users, set a daily time schedule for when Internet access is available and when it is not and control how far your extended wireless network coverage reaches through wireless output power adjustments.
Universal Compatibility
The A/V Net Connect works with most 2.4GHz 802.11b/g or n wireless routers and WiFi networks.
Fast Performance for HD Streaming
The A/V Net Connect features a 300Mbps 802.11n wireless bandwidth channel for streaming HD media from your media center to your home network.

Amped Wireless High Power Technology
As with all Amped Wireless products, the A/V Net Connect uses advanced wireless amplifiers to boost wireless reception and performance. The AV3000 features self-healing network monitoring software to automatically fix dropped links to your home network to ensure reliable network connectivity. Wireless transfer speeds of 300Mbps provide sufficient bandwidth for streaming HD media from your home media center to your home network.

Smart Setup Wizard and Universal Compatibility
Setup of the A/V Net Connect is simple using the advanced Smart Setup Wizard that guides you through the CD’less installation:

   1. Place the A/V Net Connect in your media center
   2. Access the Smart Setup Wizard with your web browser
   3. Scan for your network, select it and connect your A/V devices to the 5 network ports available

The A/V Net Connect is universally has been tested with most 802.11b/g/n WiFi networks and routers in the market.
Pricing and Availability
The AV3000 will have a MSRP of $129.99 and an estimated street price of $99.99. The A/V Net Connect is available from select walk-in retailers, online retailers or direct from the Amped Wireless Online Store now.
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Neat, but kinda useless in a way. But if you have your router in a room FAR away them this is alot better then wiring the cables all over the place :D

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I've been thinking of getting back into the 802.11 game to help along my development of a recipe tablet that I would like to stick on the door of my refrigerator. This would help rid my kitchen workspace of stacks of printout. I want to display recipes from my NAS, not some $$$ cloud, and without MS. But, you know what, my previous experiences with 801.11b/g were so bad that I decided to hold off until 'n' got up to at least quad-stream and dual-band for a $100 access point. I think that might work in a crowded urban environment. Amped didn't get there.


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It would be nice to see how much gain this receiver can get. I am trying to decide if I want to run gigabit ethernet to my TV area or if something like this would work for my needs. My PS3 gets a pretty weak signal from my router even though it is well within range of course it is only 54mbps max as well.

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pretty neat that there is a built in repeater. would be perfect for a mancave.

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Did this not debut like last year as a new thing by someone else?

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