AT&T's Earnings Show Huge Increases, 3.6m iPhone Activations

AT&T may not be one with T-Mobile USA yet, and they may be battling Verizon Wireless for iPhone 4 domination, but that's apparently not stopping the company from dominating on the financial front. The carrier just announced their most recent quarterly earnings, and they're extremely impressive. They saw a 10.2% revenue growth in the wireless sector, along with record net additions and smartphone sales.

They managed to beat expectations in most regards, with consolidated revenues of $31.2 billion representing an uptick of over $700m compared to a year ago. AT&T also saw their best-ever Q1 smartphone sales, with total shipments of 5.5m. iPhone activations were also strong. Total, they saw 3.6m iPhones activated, which over 1 million more than Q1 2010. More good news? The carrier had their best-ever Q1 connected device net add of 1.3m, and branded computing solutions were also up.

The iPhone aspect is particularly interesting. During Apple's earnings, the company made clear that iPhone sales were through the roof, but if the VZW version is having an impact on AT&T, it seems minimal. Will the company continue to pile up the cash? Or will they start burning it soon to expand their network? Time will tell!
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omegadraco 3 years ago

hmm.. so their screw the customer attitude seems to be working for them. Of course most of their customers are locked into 2 year contracts that cost 400 dollars to break so I would not really see VZW effecting their numbers yet plus VZW monthly package cost is higher.

jonation 3 years ago


ThunderBird 3 years ago

I hope some does get spent on upgrading the network. I'm ready for 4G.

LLeCompte 3 years ago

this money will go straight in the higher ups pockets. ATT has so much spectrum but its all over the place and unorganized. Its just a shame that ATT treats its customers like that. Now i know its not everyone, but the people who do have problems are staying and it seems.

rapid1 3 years ago

I currently am a Verizon customer with no contract. I am looking as I am sure many have hear me say for a smart phone. I personally do not want to use ATT or big red as there prices especially for smart phones are insane. I posted a cost estimate on here about a month ago which was a break down versus Sprint. The difference was if I recall correctly about $200 for the same services. Yes Verizon is supposed to be faster etc, but I can promise you anything I download besides using it as a GPS will be done via wifi or tethered at home. I am somewhat leary of Tmobile but there new phone is sweet with a price and capabilities on the network being about the same as Sprint. I have also been told on location at a Tmobile store by an upper supervisor if I sign a 2 year contract with them and ATT is approved for the take over that they would then have to honor a two year contract.

As far as these earnings projections go I had read that there were also a good bit of negatives compared. I know that Att has android units, but I also know that they are not very big in numbers or attractive from what I see as a provider with Android phones. Things like the fact that 350000 new android devices are registered daily and most of them not being on ATT gives me a much more negative outlook on ATT than is stated here. The iPhone may have some attractiveness to it, but 31 and a half million Android devices registered last quarter says this is more fluff than real numbers to me.

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