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AT&T to Test Femtocells in 2009

AT&T to Test Femtocells in 2009

Remember all those iPhone 3G issues when it was first released? Perhaps if every AT&T customer had a femtocell in their house, we wouldn't have seen so many complaints. AT&T is currently testing the "cell phone signal boosters" in employees' homes, and is looking at a broader, city-sized test with customers in the Q2 2009.

A femtocell is basically, as I said, a signal booster for cell phones. It works through the user's broadband connection, sapping still more away from your already dwindling broadband cap. But all sarcasm aside, it acts as a miniature cell phone tower, and certainly could help those in marginal areas.

Sprint is already selling femtocells under the Airave brand, but those only enhance voice and low-speed data connections. AT&T said that it wants to use femtocells that provide full 3G performance.

Verizon is also looking into femtocells, and T-Mobile has it's own take on it, with T-Mobile @ Home, which lets you make calls over Wi-Fi, but only with UMA phones that can switch between GSM and Wi-Fi networks.

Business Week didn't exactly rave about Sprint's Airave in this review, though.

So, two questions:
  1. Will this work better than Airave?
  2. Seriously, how much of our bandwidth caps will this thing suck away, anyway?
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"For the love of God, buy and install our mini-cell phone tower in your house instead of downloading that new applet that lets you talk over wifi for free!"

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Strategy meeting:

"Sir, we have a problem. Our coverage sucks, but we have neither the money nor the inclination to fix it properly."

"No problem, we'll make our customers buy extra equipment to plug the dead spots users experience when they buy really expensive phones with lousy reception. [cough cough, iPhone! cough] We'll tell them it's part of our commitment to more bars in more places. If they continue to have problems, tell tech support to blame their ISP."

"Genius, sir!"

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lol at above postsBig Smile

I find people have way more commetment to companys than the other way around.

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