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AT&T Announces Smartphone Price Cuts

AT&T Announces Smartphone Price Cuts

These days, phones seem to be getting cheaper and cheaper in the U.S., while plans creep higher and higher in price. International data packages are being hacked, and data limits are being applied. But it's sure enticing; AT&T has just lowered the initial barrier to entry quite significantly on a number of phones.

AT&T customers can now get the Samsung Captivate for $99.99, BlackBerry Torch, Samsung Focus, LG Quantum for $49.99 and the BlackBerry Curve 3G for $29.99 after a two-year commitment, with no rebate required on any of them. That's a good chunk of BB and Android phones for a small chunk of money, but the fact that you have to tack a 2-year data plan onto each makes it somewhat less of a stellar deal.

The company also announced some pretty nice deals on Windows Phone 7 devices; hard to say why all of the price cuts are coming at once, but maybe they're just ridding stock before the inevitable T-Mobile merger. Just a wild thought, of course.

AT&T Welcomes Spring with New Smartphone Prices

New Offers on Samsung Captivate™, BlackBerry® Torch™, Samsung Focus, LG Quantum and BlackBerry® Curve™ 3G
Dallas, Texas, March 28, 2011

AT&T* is putting an extra spring into the steps of customers this season with limited time pricing on five premier smartphones from its industry-leading portfolio. AT&T customers can now get the Samsung Captivate™ for $99.99, BlackBerry® Torch, Samsung Focus, LG Quantum for $49.99 and the BlackBerry® Curve™ 3G for $29.99 after a two-year commitment (no rebate required.) These offers are available in AT&T company-owned retail stores nationwide and online.

Samsung Captivate™ - $99.99

The Android™ 2.2 powered Samsung Captivate with 4” Super AMOLED display brings users a fully integrated entertainment, messaging and social networking experience packaged in a sleek, streamlined design.

BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 smartphone - $49.99

This smartphone includes the BlackBerry® 6 OS with fast, rich browsing, integrated social feeds, universal search and BlackBerry App World™ with carrier billing support. Its all-in-one design combines the benefits of a hi-resolution touch screen, slide out QWERTY keyboard and an optical trackpad.

Samsung Focus - $49.99

The Focus™ debuted as AT&T's thinnest Windows Phone and offers a visually stunning experience with a Super AMOLED™ screen on a sleek 9.9 mm-thin touch screen phone. With the Focus'™ amazingly crisp, brilliant display, photos, games and videos come alive.

LG Quantum - $49.99

A Windows Phone with a slide-out keyboard for quick use of Office Mobile®, users can stay active and up to date with work. The LG Quantum also features DLNA technology through a preloaded application called Play To, which allows users to wirelessly stream videos, music, and pictures from the phone to a DLNA-enabled TV, stereo, Windows 7 PC and other consumer electronics devices.

BlackBerry® Curve™ 3G smartphone - $29.99

This classic BlackBerry® smartphone features a full QWERTY keyboard, the signature BlackBerry messaging experience, powerful personal information management capabilities, BlackBerry App World™ with carrier billing support and much more. BlackBerry Curve 3G smartphone is BlackBerry® 6 OS ready.

For the complete array of AT&T offerings, visit

New 2-year wireless service agreement with minimum $15/mo data plan required. Other charges, restrictions and conditions apply.  See store for details.

*AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.
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At&t already can't handle the volume of data that their users are attempting to receive on their network so adding more customers is just adding insult to injury. This is a company that really seems to not care about their customers.

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I agree completely omegadraco. There seem to be some pretty large opponents on multiple fronts to the At&t/T-Mobile deal from customers user groups to Sprint themselves. The Sprint point is very valid as well as they state it pretty much makes cellular in America a demi-monopoly, and for GSM communications rather than CDMA a complete monopoly. On top of that as omega says they cannot handle there data traffic now so this will add on to it. By the time or if they get the T-Mobile towers and frequency they will already be over limit (network Capacity) by the time it happens it seems to me. They will or would also be adding all the existing T-mobile customers by default. While T-mobile does not have At&t, Sprint, or Verizon's customer base in amount they still have a respectably sized customer base being 4th currently among wireless providers.

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They been doing this for ever now! Adding more and more feature that they can't handle. :( They just care for the income!!! D:

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Title should have been "AT&T Announces their trying to make their overcrowded network more crowded"

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It's always nice to see phones getting cheaper, but AT&T seriously needs to think about keeping customers happy. Considering how many times I've heard complaints about how AT&T's network can't keep up, this sounds like it's just going to make everything worse.

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