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AT&T And LG Introduce First Smartphone For GoPhone

AT&T And LG Introduce First Smartphone For GoPhone

LG and AT&T are teaming up to offer the first smartphone for AT&T’s prepaid offering GoPhone. With this smartphone, customers will be able to choose from new data packages without having to commit to a long-term commitment.

The new LG Thrive and its post-paid counterpart, the LG Phoenix, will be available on April 17. Both phones will feature a 3.2 inch touchscreen, Android 2.2, unlimited Wi-Fi usage on AT&T’s Wi-Fi Hot Spot network, and a 3.2-megapixel camera.

AT&T is also introducing a new prepaid data package with the LG Thrive, offering 500 MB of data for $25. Other prepaid data options include $5 for 10MB (previously $4.99 for 1MB) and $15 for 100MB (previously $19.99). The data packages come with unlimited Wi-Fi usage at AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots through the smartphone.

The LG Phoenix offers similar features to its prepaid counterpart and also comes with Mobile Hotspot and data tethering support with a compatible plan. The LG Thrive will cost $179.99. The LG Phoenix will cost $49.99 with a two-year agreement.

AT&T and LG Launch First Smartphone for GoPhone

LG Thrive™ and its post-paid version, LG Phoenix™ available on April 17 from LG Mobile Phones. Both Android 2.2 Devices Available In AT&T Stores Nationwide

Dallas, Texas, April 12, 2011

Key Facts

  • AT&T* will begin selling LG Thrive™ and LG Phoenix™ on April 17.  
  • LG Thrive™ is AT&T’s first prepaid smartphone. GoPhone customers can choose from new data packages with no long-term commitment required.
  • Both smartphones will be available for purchase nationwide at AT&T company-owned retail stores and in select national retail locations.
  • Both feature a 3.2 inch color full-touch display, Android™ 2.2 platform, Exchange email support, unlimited Wi-Fi usage on the entire national AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot network and a 3.2-megapixel camera.

Android Portfolio

AT&T is a pioneer in smartphones and devices, and expects to widen its portfolio in 2011. In January, AT&T committed to a robust Android portfolio, including more than 12 new Android devices this year. Delivering users on-the-go access to the growing Android Market™, LG Thrive™ will be the first Android smartphone available for GoPhone customers.

LG Thrive™ Data Packages and Voice Plans

In addition to providing access to applications and contacts, AT&T is introducing a new prepaid data package with the LG Thrive, offering 500 MB of data for $25.  Each of the following options are available to customers who choose the Smartphone $0.10/min Plan or Smartphone $2/day Unlimited Talk and Text Plan. Prepaid customers who choose a smartphone like the LG Thrive must choose a data package in order to use data services.

             NEW: $25 FOR 500MB

             $5 for 10MB (previously $4.99 for 1MB)

             $15 for 100MB (previously $19.99)

The above data packages include unlimited Wi-Fi usage at thousands of AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots from your smartphone.

AT&T is also adding value to data pay-per-use pricing for non-smartphone customers with five times the data for the same price.  The new pricing is $0.01 per 5kb (previously $0.01 per kb).

LG Thrive ™ and LG Phoenix™

LG Thrive™ boasts the latest Android features, including robust HTML browsing, integrated synching of Google ™ account features, Facebook® and Twitter apps for social networking, flexible personalization with up to seven customizable home screens, and unlimited Wi-Fi usage at thousands of AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide, included as part of the smartphone data plan required with either device.** LG Phoenix™ offers similar features to its prepaid counterpart as well as Mobile Hotspot and data tethering support which allows the sharing of the phone’s mobile broadband connection with other devices.***

Key Specifications  

             Android 2.2 platform

             HSDPA 7.2 3G data speeds

             600MHz application processor

             3.2”  320 x 480 262k color full-touch display

             Wi-Fi/aGPS capable

             160MB User Memory w/ microSD storage (up to 32GB)

             2GB microSD card installed

             3.2MP Auto-focus camera

             Stereo Bluetooth

             Quad-band GSM / Tri-band 3G (world capable)

             1500 mAh long-life battery

             Text/Picture and Video Messaging support

             POP3/IMAP/Gmail/EAS email support

Price and Availability****

On April 17, AT&T will begin selling LG Thrive™, in silver for $179.99. To use data services on the Thrive™, a GoPhone smartphone plan and data package are required.  

The LG Phoenix™ will be available on the same day in dark blue for $49.99 and requires a two-year agreement.

Both devices will be sold in company-owned retail stores and in select national retail locations.  

Learn more about the LG Thrive™ and LG Phoenix™ at 


“We are excited to add LG Thrive™, the first smartphone for GoPhone, to AT&T’s growing Android portfolio,” said Judy Cavalieri, vice president, Voice and Prepaid Products, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. “Thrive brings more choice and more value to our GoPhone customers by delivering the benefits of a smartphone, balanced with functionality and affordability.”

“The range of smartphones available at LG and AT&T is a tribute to our consumers,” said Tim O’Brien, vice president for marketing for LG Mobile Phones.  “LG Thrive optimizes data capabilities and value with a fully customizable experience.  We look to continue our history of AT&T firsts.”

*AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.

** Restrictions apply. See for details and locations.

*** Mobile Hotspots and Tethering require a DataPro 4 GB Plan. Devices connected to your Mobile Hotspot or by tethering use data from your DataPro 4 GB Plan. An overage rate of $10 per each 1 GB provided, applies if you exceed the included monthly data allowance. Performance may vary depending on the number of devices connected and other factors. If you do not use a password, others will be able to use your Mobile Hotspot connection. For more details on Data Plans, go to

**** Prices may vary at independent retailers.

LG Phoenix: Limited time only. Qualified customers only. Subscriber must live & have a mailing addr. within AT&T’s owned wireless network coverage area. Requires two year contract and new activation, and an eligible voice plan and eligible smartphone data plan starting at $15 a month. $36 activation fee. Early Termination Fee: Up to $325. Sales tax calculated based on price of unactivated equipment.

Mobile Broadband Coverage not available in all areas.

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Good OneSmile. The more choices we have got,the better it isBig Smile. Although LG products have not been to my liking in the past,maybe they have improved now in quality.Wink  Although bad luck about their limited bland colour scheme,because I prefer black or sometimes a bright colour for my handsetsAngry.

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"500 MB of data for $25" wow this is on a value carrier, data is expfrickinspensive. Anyway I think there are better options out there personally value wise especially for what you get. That is not to say this a BAD phone unit, but it seems somewhat lacking to me compared really to what you could get on a contract for 10-20 more a month. If you have a cell phone and use it regularly your going to pay for it either way. Not to mention the cell phones are more and more becoming the main phone nowadays.

I dealt with advising a friend the other day on something like this. I am pretty sure she was using the Wally world carrier. She had difficulties because she would use it for Facebook all the time. Of course she did not log out of Facebook. She would just hop on there or be auto updated whenever she posted or someone else posted. So her phone stayed logged into Facebook 24/7.

Luckily they worked with her a little bit and explained it to her, and of course I attempted to explain it to her to. I think she got it, and hope she really did. This is where most carriers are making there money Facebook should charge them a link option or something they would make an absolute killing.

The main thing here is people in general have no idea how much data they are using. I personally at this moment have active out connections of 2041.4 bytes and I have nothing open but Chrome beta 11 with HH open, not to mention that's just my out connections (measured using Comodo)!

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It's nice to see a respectable smartphone as prepaid. Options are always good.

rapid1 brings up a good point about how users need to be more mindful about the amount of data they use and which apps are running in the background that might be sucking data.

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