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ASUS 8.9 Inch Eee PC 900. Oh Yeah

ASUS 8.9 Inch Eee PC 900. Oh Yeah

ASUS has captivated the UMPC world with their nifty little Eee PCs. I can't recall a more eagerly awaited item than the followup to the original Eee. Here it is. The 900 PC is filled with all sorts of win, in more or less the same little package:
  • 8.9" 1024x600 resolution display
  • Intel® Mobile CPU (Celeron) running at 900 Mhz
  • 1 GB DDR memory
  • 12 GB SSD with Windows, 20GB Linux version
  • HD audio with built-in speakers
  • Built-in 802.11b/g wireless
  • 1.3M pixel webcam
  • Big, "FingerGlide" multi-touchpad
Mobility is one of the major factors attributed to the Eee PC’s success; and this is in part due to the use of the built-in Solid State Disk (SSD) technology – which offers a quiet, energy saving and shock proof design for stable computing on-the-go. Traditional hard disks spin at 5400 RPM (Revolutions per Minute) – making them more prone to data loss or damage if shocks or bumps are received. Conversely, the Eee PC is able to protect against such incidents, and is the perfect tool for outdoor computing – suitable as an ideal companion for reporters, wildlife photographers and other like-minded outdoor enthusiasts.

"Vital feedback from a wide variety of users have been received, which has spurred us on to create more options to cater to different user requirements." said Jerry Shen, CEO of ASUS.

Reported to be priced at £329 and available in Europe, at least, in May. Excluding Value Added Tax and pricing it in American Dollars would put it in the $550 range. I want one! OK, I lied. I want two!

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ooh, too, me too!

that appeals to me a lot more than the original eee

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I'm glad to see more capacity for storage.  A 900Mhz Celery tho?  Hmm. 

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Yeah, I hate celerons, though this computer is now in the range of regular laptops.  You can buy a better laptop for the same price!

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You could buy a better laptop for the same price, Better meaning better specs..

But that 9" Laptop is great for people on the go etc...

I want one, and I don't see it replacing my 17" Laptop..

I'd take it to meetings, or places where I might need the internet for a few mins, but don't need to bring my super 17"laptop...

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